10 Adorable Kids Who Look Like Famous Celebrities

People went crazy for the little two year old who looks likes Ed Sheeran so here here she is along with nine other babies that look like famous celebrities.

Taking advantage of the leaves, the site Bored Panda made a list with images of babies that look a lot like celebrities. The result is an impressive and fun selection.

1. Two Year Old Girl Looks Like Ed Sheeran

Would be cool if she can sing like him too.

2. Gordon Ramsey Lookalike

I just hope he’s not as grumpy as the real Gordon Ramsey.

3. The Face Of Danny Devito

What a happy little chappy.

4. Meet John Legend Mini Me

Hard to believe this baby is not the son of John Legend.

5. This Little Fella looks Just like Wallace Shawn

He has a bit more hair than him too.

6. Chris Farley And His Mini Me!

Is it possible Chris Farley has been born again?

7. This Cute Girl Has The Face Of Mrs. Doubtfire

Wonder if she will grow into a nanny too.

8. This Baby Looks Just Like Jamie Oliver

This beautiful hairy baby already has the appearance of Jamie Oliver, all she needs is to cook like him

9. This Cheeky Lad Thinks He Is The Royal Prince Of England

Would be great if he still looks like him when he is an adult too.

10. Meet The Young Version Of Gandalf.

It’s funny how babies look like wrinkly old men.

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