10 Amazing Swimming Pools You`d Love To Have In Your Garden

Discover some of the most fantastic swimming pools some people own. Which one would you love to have in your back garden?

1. Paradise Swimming Pool

This swimming pool could turn your back garden into a little piece of paradise. It comes with a lovely gazebo and real flaming torches.

2. Florida Home Pool

This swimming pool may look like it belong’s to a resort but it is actually part of a private house. It is situated in the Florida Keys and has stunning ocean views.

This pool features a very cool sunken bar with stools so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage without having to leave the water.

3. Cascade Pool

This pool has a theme based on ancient ruins. It is small but has a spectacular waterfall which makes it an amazing place to chill out.

4. Luxury Heated Pool

This giant pool is heated to such a high temperature that it`s steaming and look at that jacuzzi in the middle! I am so jealous right now.

5.Gorgeous Infinity Pool

This swimming pool has numerous split level infinity pools along with cascades in modern design. So who would love this in their back garden?

6. Relaxing Pool

This modern pool is simple but so appealing. It has a jacuzzi section and also bar stools along the edge so you can relax in the warm waters while sipping on a glass of wine.

7. Transparent Pool

This awesome swimming pool has a transparent wall section so you can see the people swimming. While this may not appeal to some people it is certainly fun to others.

8. Violin Pool

Something tells me this pool belongs to a musician and I just love how the jacuzzi area mimics the violin`s chin rest. Fantastic design and my favorite on the list.

9. Pool With Magnificent Views

This pool is situated in the alps and offers stunning views of the snow covered mountains but don`t worry about the cold because the pool is heated.

10. Footprint Pool

How creative is this? The toes prints are jacuzzis. Pure awesomeness.