10 Animals With The Best Camouflage Ever – Can You Spot Them?

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Some animals are masters of disguise and to prove it here are ten examples of animals with amazing camouflage. See if you can spot them all.

To increase an animals chance of survival some species have developed a way to blend into their environment. Some creatures use this camouflage ability to hunt for food while others hide so that they don’t become food.

Surely you’ve passed by several animals and not even noticed their presence! This is because some animals can camouflage themselves, being easily confused with trunk bark, leaves, dry branches, vegetation and other things found in the environments they live. Among the animals that camouflage themselves, there are species of fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, mammals and even invertebrates, represented mainly by insects.

In some animals, camouflage is related only to coloration, however, in others, camouflage can be related to the shape of the body, the shape of the structures and even the behavior of the animal!

For this reason, the evolutionary processes responsible for the different camouflages in the animal world have often been a great mystery to biologists, which makes these creatures even more amazing and fascinating.

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Native to the forests of northern Europe, Alaska and Canada, the ptarmigan is a galliform bird up to 44 centimeters tall. It feeds on vegetables during its adult phase and takes advantage of the white fluff to be perfectly camouflaged in the snow.

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Cats are great masters of camouflage, they can go unnoticed many times depending on their coat color.

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This cat has found the perfect place to camouflage and not be disturbed while taking a nap.

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This cat’s owner has found a perfect blanket for his cat’s camouflage.

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And what about this carpet? It’s perfect for that cat to go unnoticed.

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Among the species of birds, some owls are also well adapted to the environments in which they live, camouflaging themselves in the trunks of trees that they land to rest or to observe their possible prey. As owls use their eyesight to hunt, they often keep watching their prey, until the exact moment to come out and attack. See the owl Megascosps asio, native to North America, camouflaged in a tree.

Did you manage to spot all these masters of disguise?

The point of camouflage is remain undetected in certain environments, some animals such as squirrels and Deer have a variety of brown colors to blend in with trees and vegetation growing in the forests. Whereas dolphins and other sea animals have a grayish-blue color to make them more difficult to spot underwater.

But the master of camouflage has to be the chameleon which can change it’s color to match it’s environment. Imagine how cool it would be to have that ability!!

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