10 Animals You Never Knew Existed

10 Animals You Never Knew Existed – There thousands of animal species in the world and while we are familiar with many of them, there some which most people have never seen before.

1. Tufted Deer

Image Source Popular Science

These rare creatures are indigenous to China and are usually spotted in pairs. They are easily recognisable by the large fangs which make them look a bit vampireish and just like vampires Tufted deer are creatures of the night.

Despite having huge fangs they only eat leaves and fruit and use their canines for fighting other tufted deer.

2. Star-nosed Mole

Image Source EurekAlert

These strange creatures would look more at home in a sci-fi movie but in fact they are indiginous to the United States and parts of Canada. The star shaped face may look weird but it is a marvel of nature, it has 25,000 tiny sensory receptors which helps the blind mole find it´s way around. It is so sensative the Star Nosed mole can even smell underwater.

They have also been given the title of fastest eating mamal, it takes just milliseconds for them to identify prey and consume it.

3. Southern Right Whale Dolphin

Image Source Te Ara

These beautiful animals are a smaller species of Dolphin that have no dorsel fin but are still able to manouver through water with grace. They are often sighted of the coast of Nothern Chilli in groups of 52 up to 368. In rare instances they have been spotted in groups of around a thousand.

4. Raccoon Dog

Image Source The Scottish Sun

Raccoon Dogs are indiginous to East Asia. Despite looking and having the name raccoon there is very little connection with raccoons, they are much more related to foxes.

They are also the only known breed of dog that hibernates for the winter. During summer months they must bulk up an extra 23% body fat in order to last the cold season.

5. Patagonian Mara

Image Source Roaring Earth

Despite their large size, Patagonian Maras are classified as rodents. They can be spotted in areas of Argentina and are probably the cutest rodents on the plannet.

Unfortunatly these rabbit like animals have been hunted to the point were they are now classed as a near threatened species.

6. Markhor

Image Source Unsplash

Markhors are indiginous to areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan but sadly there are an estimated 2,500 left in the world making them an endangered species.

These goat like animals tend to live in mountainous regions and are easily recognisable by the twisting horns.

7. Maned Wolf

Image Source All Species

Maned Wolves are the largest dogs in South America, they can found in parts of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Despite being called a wolf these canines have more in common with red foxes. Maned wolves are solitary creatures and can be seen hunting in the early hours of the morning or late evening.

8. Lamprey

Image Source Upper Michigans Source

Lampreys have been around for 300 million years and feed by sucking the blood from their prey. There are several species of Lampreys with some populations living in salt water and others living in fresh water rivers and lakes.

9. Gerenuk

Image Source iStock

Gerenuks are recognised by their giraffe like necks and are indiginous to areas of Africa. There long necks gives them the advantage of eating leaves from trees and bushes that ordinary Gazelles cannot reach.

10. Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

Image Source eBird

These funny looking birds are found mainly in the Amazon and look like they have a mini peacock bloom on their heads.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new. Stay tuned for more great stories.