10 Awesome Things You`ll Want To Buy As Soon As You See Them

Check out these ten awesome things that you probably never new existed and will want to buy as soon as you see them.

1. Bat Clothes Pegs

Make you clothes line more interesting with these crazy bat pegs. Plus your neighbors will be so jealous when they see your clothes drying.

2. Golf Snooker Table

If you like snooker and a bit of golf putting then this indoor game is a great bit of fun for you and your friends.

3. Sword Umbrella

Is this the most awesome umbrella or what? You are gonna be wishing for a rainy day everyday so you can take out your swashbuckling brolly.

4. Picnic Bicycle

If you love cycling and going on picnics in the countryside then this bike is a must for you. Just take it easy on the wine or it may be a wobbly ride back home.

5. Wine Bottle Glass

Why waste time pouring wine in your glass every few minutes just attach this glass to your bottle and away you go. You could even take this with you in the picnic bike above.

6. Office Catapult

Have fun shooting you work colleagues at work with this mini catapult. This is certainly a toy for adults. What would you shoot at people?

7. Under Desk Leg Rest

Do you work at a desk and long to put your feet up sometimes? Then this handy under desk leg rest is just the thing.

8. Bottle Opener Ring

Never loose you bottle opener at a party with this clever ring.

9. Giant Water Ball

Think of all the hours of fun you and your friends could have inside one of these. Plus you could also use it for rolling down grassy hills.

10. Knight Armored Hoodie

Shut up and take my money right now. Is this the most awesome hoodie or what? All you need now is a fairytale castle to live in too.

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