10 Clever Car Cleaning Hacks To Get Your Car Looking Like New

With these clever cleaning hacks and a bit of time and patience you will be able to get your car looking like new again.

1. Use A Foam Brush To Clean The Dashboard Vents

Foam brushes are perfect for cleaning those inaccessible air conditioning vents and other tough to reach spaces. You can also use it along with a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt as you remove it.

2. Use An Old Toothbrush For Buttons And Hard To Reach Places

Don`t throw your old toothbrushes, they are extremely handy for cleaning buttons, seat grooves and any other hard to reach areas.

3. Use WD-40 To Remove Tar From The Paintwork

If you are unfortunate enough to have tar splatters on your car then spray with WD-40, leave for a minute or two and then wipe off. Areas which are heavy with tar may need to be done several times.

WD-40 is also good for removing stubborn of decals.

4. Use Vaseline To Prevent Your Leather Seats And Dashboard From Cracking

Heat and direct sunlight make your leather interior very dry which can lead to cracking. A dab of vaseline on a cloth rubbed into the leather will can extend the life of your leather interior and it makes it look all shiney and new too.

In addition Vaseline is handy for the winter too. Rub some on the rubber door seals and it will prevent them from freezing over.

5. Old Socks Make The Best Chamois

Have you ever gone to wash the car and realized you don`t have any chamois? A great alternative is using an old pare of socks.

6. Spray Stain Remover On The Floor Mats Then Scrub Them Clean

Stain remover works a treat to bring your car mats back to looking like new. You could even get away with sticking them in the washing machine too.

7. Brighten Your Headlights With Toothpaste

No need to buy new headlights just a little toothpaste can put the bling back in your headlights.

8. Remove Dog Hair Easily with a Squeegee And Water

Dog hair doesn`t have to be a nightmare. A light spray of water and a rubberized squeegee can make easy work of pet hair.

9. Use a Screwdriver Wrapped In A Cloth To Clean Hard-To-Reach Places

Just take care not to scratch the paintwork.

10 De-Rust Your Car With Coca Cola

Apply Coca-Cola to a cloth and rub it onto a rusted chrome area and watch the stains vanish like magic. Just be careful not to rub too much on the paintwork or that may vanish too.