10 Craziest Bathrooms On the Planet – Would You Use Them?

Discover some of the craziest toilets that are used around the world. Which one would you love to relieve yourself on?

1. Recaro Toilet Seat.

You would feel like a racing driver on this toilet, you could even use the toilet brush as a gear stick and pretend you are rallying.

2. The Swarowski Toilet.

This one is for who like to use the loo with style.

3. The Apple Toilet

If you have an Apple laptop and an iphone then why not complete your collection with this cool Apple loo.

4. Tuba Toilet

This looks cool and we are wondering if it plays a tune while you pee, what do you think?

5. Floral Ceramic Toilets

These floral urinals look very pretty but they come with a hefty price of $8000 each. Ouch

6. Aquarium Toilet

While this may seem like a great idea I am not sure it’s much fun for the fish.

7. Ice Toilet

You are certainly gonna freeze your but off every time you want to use this bathroom toilet, just hope you don’t get stuck to it.

8. Nun Urinal

Why would anybody want this toilet?

9. Peep Show Bathroom

Wouldn’t you feel a little bit embarrassed using this loo?

10. Trump Toilet

Bonus Toilet Fact

It is believed that around 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have access to a toilet and have to use a bush to relieve themselves, especially in South Asia and parts of Africa.