10 Craziest Machines You Would Love To Have a Go On

Discover some of the craziest machines that you would love to get behind the wheel of. These wacky racers may not be practical but they sure look fun.

1. Fastest Toilet In The World

This stunt woman broke the land speed record for the fastest loo in the world. It was clocked at 46 mph.

2. Scooter Limousine

This bike has been stretched to a crazy 72 foot long and features 25 seats.

3. Dolphin Sub

This dolphin shaped submarine is called the Seabreacher and is capable of a top speed of 45 mph above water and 20 mph below water.

4. Island Yacht

This stunning floating island features six double bedrooms. It is the boat of everyone’s dreams.

5. Ice Cream Truck Boat

This is the HMS Flake 99 which is the first amphibious ice cream truck in the world. It can be found chugging up the river Thames selling ice cream to the people of London.

6. Pool Table Pickup

It’s not just the pool table that’s cool, this car also features a refrigerator, a pop-up LCD tv and a custom sound system. Who wants one?

7. Hot Tub Boat

This hot tub boat has a wooden stove that heats the water making it a relaxing and crazy experience.

8. Garden Car

This Australian had the crazy idea of covering his car in artificial grass. It took 20 meters of the grass to cover his ride but it doesn’t quite make his car any greener.

9. High speed Stroller

This stroller can reach speeds of up to 50 mph but would you really want to take your child for a run in this?

10. Giant Skateboard

This is the largest skateboard in the world and can hold ten people. But like most skateboards it doesn’t have any breaks. Crazy!!