10 Crazy Cats That Think They Are Liquid

These 10 crazy cats seem to think they are liquid, they weren`t forced into these positions, it just felt natural to them. After all you know as well as we do it is almost impossible to make a cat do something you want.

You have to admit cats are so funny, they do some of the most ridiculous things that make us laugh, that is why they are such a huge hit online, everyone loves watching them behave in such a manic way. Nothing better then letting a cat put a smile on your face after a bad.

Scroll through our compilation of cats that think they are liquid and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below. Enjoy, :).

1. Cookie Dough Cat

Did somebody say cookies? My cat actually loves cookies, he will follow the kids around scoffing up any crumbs that falls to the ground.

2. What`s For Dinner – Cat Stew


3. This Liquid Cat Is Overflowing

Can this cat really be comfortable? I wouldn`t be surprised if he actually has his cat bed nearby too.

4. Would It Be Cruel To Turn The Tap On

It may be cruel but you have to admit it is very tempting, lol.

5. If It Fits….

How do they get into these crazy places and further more, how are they gonna get out.

6. A Lovely Decorative Vase Filled With Liquid Cat

I would love to have this vase and cat liquid to decorate my house.

7. Add 2 Litres Of Liquid Cat And Mix Well

Just like dogs cats sweat through their paws.

8. It`s So Hot This Cat Has Melted

Despite having lots of fur, cats are able to tolerate temperatures over 50 degrees but this cat is one of the unlucky ones that ended up melting.

9. I Love Cats But I Couldn`t Drink A Whole One

10. Would You Like A Glass Of Liquid Cat?

Did you know that cats do not have a collar bone? Because of this unique bone structure they are able to squeeze through the smallest of gaps and fit in the most awkward of spaces. This also explains why they sometimes look like liquid.

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