10 Crazy Pictures Of Hairless Animals That Will Freak You Out

You may think some animals are cute and cuddly but remove their fur and you`ll be shocked by how ugly they really are. After looking at these hairless animals you`ll never be able to see these creatures the same way again.

Hair loss is not a phenomenon that only affects humans.

Animals can also undergo these processes, which are usually caused by old age or disease.
This hair loss in animals is scientifically called alopecia and can have different causes, such as natural processes, biological problems, genetic mutations, diseases, parasitic infestations, or human influence.

1. Featherless Owl

Image by Mpora

Remove the feathers to a wise old owl and it becomes something out of your darkest nightmares.

Some owls swallow there prey whole, skin, bones, and all.

2. Hairless Hedgehog

Image by Boredpanda

This is the only hedgehog that won`t prick you.

The hedgehog earned it’s name because it forages through hedges while grunting like a pig.

3. Featherless Chicken

Image by Back Yard Chickens

Chickens look like plump birds but remove their feathers and this is what you get.

4. Hairless Cat

Image by Pinterest

Some people think hairless cats are ugly and others love them so much they have them as pets. Do you like them?

The hairless Sphynx cat actually came from Canada which is surprising as it is so cold there and you would think a lot of fur would come in handy to keep warm.

5. Hairless Bear

Image by Crypto Ville

Without fur bears are totally unrecognisable, if anything I would say it looks like an over weight Kangaroo.

You might realize but bears have two layers of fur. A short layer which is to keep the bear warm and a longer layer to keep water off the body.

6. Hairless Raccoon

Image by Reddit

Still wearing his bandit mask though.

The front paws of a raccoon are very similar to human hands. They have five fingers and are very nimble with them.

7. Hairless Guinea Pig

Image by Boredpanda

You still think Guinea Pigs are cute?

Guinea pigs don’t have any relations to pigs and don’t come from Guinea. Nobody really knows where these little creatures got their name.

8. Hairless Rat

Image by Reddit

Rats are horrible with or without fur.

But they are very compassionate creatures. They take care of injured and sick rats in their group and look out for each other.

9. Hairless Penguin

Image by Boredpanda

Looks like the poor little thing has sunburn too.

The tallest of all penguins is the Emperor Penguin which stands almost 4 feet tall.

10. Hairless Chimpanzee

Image by Little Things

Never realized chimps were so well built under all that hair.

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