10 Crazy Warning Signs That Makes You Wonder What Happened

Check out these ten crazy warning signs that are guaranteed to make you laugh, it makes you wonder what crazy event happened to make these signs be put up in the first place.

Due to people being oblivious or ignorant to certain dangers we are constantly being bombarded on a daily basis with warning signs advising us of dangers ahead. Some I agree with but others are just plain silly.

While it seems crazy to us normal folk that items such as a pack of peanuts needs a warning label saying may contain nuts because some people with nut allergies may not realize peanuts contain nuts. Or that a chainsaw needs a warning sign advising people to hold the tool at the correct end as they are unaware that the chain rotating at high speed may actually cause an injury.

There are in fact so many stupid people in the world they need these signs or there would be accidents all the time.

So what the hell happened here for somebody to think, yeah we are going to need a warning sign for that. Take a look at the following pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

1. No Oreos warning Sign

Image Source – Diply

No Oreos in a Library. What The Hell!! So now I am curious what have could have been so bad that they decided Oreos had to be banned?

2. Trees Don’t Move Warning Sign

Image Source – Pinterest

This one is obvious to most people but then again some people aren’t aware of this or they wouldn’t need to put a sign up.

3. Bicycle Warning Sign

Image Source – Bike Roar

Wonder how many people came off their bikes before they decided it was necessary to put a sign up.

4. Spraying Alert Sign

Image Source – Twisted Sifter

Might be a good idea having an umbrella handy! Wonder how many people got sprayed before they put up this sign lol.

5. Light Aircraft Passenger Sign

Image Source – Imgur

Not any more he isn’t! LOL. How to scare the crap out of your passengers.

6. Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign

Image Source – Code Ranch

How low can they go to hit the sign? Crazy!

7. Llama Warning Sign

Image Source – Bored Panda

It’s a petting zoo not a punching zoo. Perhaps people have been known to lash out after a llama has spit on them.

8. Not Drinking Water Sign

Image Source – Bored Panda

Were people really drinking the water where fish live in? Must of tasted a bit fishy.

9. Unattended Children Sign

Image Source – Fit Foodie Mum

So how many kids were found left on their own for the need of a sign to be placed. And how many kids have walked away with a free puppy? This is definitely our favourite sign on the list.

10. Do Not Sit On Fence Warning Sign


To some people this would seem like a challenge. But wait, if you look closely some of the tips are bent, could this have been caused by too many people sitting on the fence?

Have you ever seen any crazy warning signs?

Thanks for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it. Keep coming back and you’ll see more funny stories like this one. 🙂

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