10 Creative Cakes Design That Look Too Good To Eat

There are some people who are so creative in the kitchen that they can overcome all the limits that we know and create extremely amazing things, an example of which are these famous creative cakes design that have gone viral on the internet.

These creative cakes design dishes are so spectacular it would a crime to cut them up and eat them. Scroll down and explore these creations that are much more than just fantastic creative cakes, they are works of art.

1. Lego Wedding Cake

This Lego wedding cake was ordered by a UK couple and made by London-based company Cupcakes by SJ. It features a edible LEGO bricks made from colorful hand-molded fondant and it looks like the wedding cake has been made from Lego blocks.

Did you know there is a world record for eating cupcakes? It was set by Patrick Bertoletti back in 2012, he managed to devour 72 cupcakes in just six minutes.

2. Giant Salad Sandwich Wedding Cake

Ok, so this is not exactly a wedding cake but it`s a groom`s cake which seems to becoming a thing nowadays. It is still very impressive and take a close look at the message on top of the cake, it made us laugh. Wonder how he managed to convince his wife to allow it on their special day.

3. Junk Food Tower Cake

The detail in this junk food tower cake is absolutely incredible, Even the baked beans in the middle of the cake looks realistic. But the crazy thing is I have actually seen people stack their plates like this in all you can eat buffets in America. Yummy!!

4. Tower Of fruit And Veg Cake

It was made for an event at the Mint Museum in North Carolina and is probably the healthiest looking cake I have ever seen. It took around 50 hours to make consists of roughly 250-300 individual fondant pieces.

5. Breakfast At Starbucks Cake

This cake is the work of cake chef Laura Loukaides who seems to have an obsession with bag cakes. The details are perfect and deliciously yummy. What would you devour first, the cookie, donut, bag or coffee?

6. Strawberries And Cream Cake

This creative cake gives the impression that it is defying gravity. It is truly amazing and I wouldn’t ever want to cut it up. What about you?

7. Bucket Of Beers Cake

The detail on this cake is absolutely brilliant, hard to tell the difference between this and a real bucket of beer.

8. Game Of Thrones Cake

Perfect cake for any Game of Thrones Fan and the message at the bottom, “30 is coming”, brilliant!!

9. James Bond Wedding Cake

Queen Victoria was one of the first to have pure white icing on her wedding cake hence the phrase “royal icing.”

10. Mario brothers Wedding Cake

The most expensive wedding cake ever made cost a whopping $30 million, it was created by Buddy Valastro who is from the television show Cake Boss. It was made for Devorah Rose for her diamond gala event and had real sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds on it.

Which was your favorite creative cakes design?