10 Dangerous Walks Children Have To Take To Reach School

Discover ten of the most dangerous walks in the world that children have to take everyday to reach their schools. Could you do this everyday?

1. Banpo Elementary School – China

Image by Normschriever

49 children have to take this walk along a dangerous narrow mountain path everyday to reach their school. The journey takes two hours and some parts of the path is as narrow as one foot wide.

The school headmaster Xu Liangfan accompanies the children on this dangerous walk to make sure the children make it to school safely.

2. Padang School – Indonesia

Image by Boredpanda

The only way these children in Indonesia can get to school is by crossing this collapsed bridge, they must shuffle along the bridge wars that are suspended thirty feet above the ground.

But their adventure doesn’t end there, they also have to walk a further seven miles through a dense tropical forest before they finally reach school.

3. Zhang Jiawan Village School – Southern China

Image by Boredpanda

Years ago this village was built on a mountain top to protect themselves from attack but now that defense has now become a hindrance for the children of the village.

The kids have to descend numerous unsecured ladders to reach their school and at the end of the day they have one hell of a climb to get home.

4. Plempungan Village School – Indonesia

Image by Boredpanda

This aqueduct is currently being used as a crossing point by children to reach their school but it is not entirely necessary.

There is a much longer six kilometer trek that would be safer but the kids prefer to risk their lives to save reduce the amount of time it takes to get to school.

5. Sanghiang Tanjung Village School – Indonesia

Image by Boredpanda

This bridge that sits over the Ciberang River was destroyed in a severe storm but it never stopped the children crossing it.

The children cling to the ropes as they shuffle along this tattered bridge with their parents helping them.

Luckily for these kids news got out about their dilema and an Indonesian steel company has offered to rebuild the a new bridge for them.

6. Remote School In Colombia

Image by Boredpanda

The journey these children have to make in Columbia looks both fun and scary, they have to zipline along an 800 meter cable to reach their school and can easily reach speeds up to 50mph.

The picture below by photographer Christoph Otto shows a young girl carrying her younger brother in a sack as he is too young to use the zipline alone.

Image by Boredpanda

7. Dujiangyan School – China

Image by Boredpanda

This wooden bridge may not look as dangerous as others but when you consider it quite often gets covered in snow and ice it makes this one of the most dangerous walks on our list.

8. Boarding School – Pili, China

Image by Boredpanda

Eighty children have to take this journey back and forth to school but as it`s a boarding school they don`t have to walk it often.

The school students must walk 125 miles over dangerous mountains, chain bridges and single plank bridges. They also have to wade through four freezing rivers and the journey takes two days to complete.

9. Decun village School – China

Image by Funzug

In order for these children to get to school they must cross a deep ravine and the only way to do so is in an old rickety, homemade cable car.

10. Any war zone!!

Image by Alamy

Even in times of war children must still get to school. This picture was taken during a violent clash between Israeli troops and Palestinians near Jerusalem.

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