10 Easy Food And Drink Tips That Will Amplify Your Life

Discover ten clever food and drink tips that will make your life so much more easier. Try them and see what happens.

These food and drink tips are so simple anybody can do them and they might just makes a little bit easier.

1. Cheesy Bread

cheesy bread food and drink tip

Turn a loaf of bread into a delicious cheesy loaf. Slice up a loaf, slide in some slices of your favorite cheese and add chives, onions, garlic, herbs or anything of your choosing. Stick it in the oven until the cheese melts and then its ready to consume. Just twist and pull for a tasty wedge.

Be creative and experiment with different ingredients.

2. Bug Proof Drinks

food and drink tip on how to bug proof your drink

Nothing more annoying then drinking outdoors or going for a picnic and pesky fly dives into your drink. Prevent those pesky bugs falling into your drinks during the summer months by using muffin liners. You can also add a straw to make drinking them easier but then with the current plastic crises maybe its best not use a straw.

3. No More Sticky Fingers

food and drink tip on how to prevet sticky fingers with popsicles

On a hot day Popsicles tend to melt faster than you can eat them so avoid sticky fingers by sliding a muffin liner around the base. This is also perfect for the little ones too that take ages eating.

4. Pants Hangers Make Great Clips

food and drink tip on how to use old pants hangers

Hardly anybody uses pants hangers but the clips can be used to make great clips to keep food bags closed.

5. How To Make Marble Cake

food and drink tip on how to make marble cake

Ever wondered how you make a delicious marble cake? Here is a simple way to make the swirly effect in marble cake. Also try experiment with different colors and flavors, your only limit is your imagination.

6. How To Remove Pesky Egg Shells

food and drink tip on how to remove egg shells

This is an extremely easy trick that hardly anybody knows about.

7. Create Lemon Flowers

food and drink tip on how to create flower lemon slices

Make lemon slices look more fun at parties or when guests come over. Using a peeler create grooves down the sides of a lemon and when you slice it you will have cool lemon flowers to put into drinks.

8. Natural Wine Chillers

food and drink tip on how to make wine chillers with grapes

Plus it looks kind of cool too and you can eat the grapes once you finished your wine.

9. Simple But Effective

food and drink tip serving dishes

If you are running short on serving dishes then this a perfect solution as long as you have one of these trays.

10. Veg Buying Tip

food and drink tip on buying veg

Applies to certain fruits as well like cherries and strawberries.

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