10 Facts About Gold That Will Blow Your Mind

Gold is one of the most admired materials in the world and is extremely valuable. We all have the desire to acquire gold in the form of jewelry, watches, ornaments and some people have even covered their cars in gold but there is more to this precious metal than you realize.

For some, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world, the mark of luxury and wealth, adorning the richest and giving glamour everywhere. For others it is nothing more than another a common metal, a neutral color to paint your car.

Whatever your opinion is gold is one of most easily found elements in the periodic table. Transition metal gold is really rooted in the culture of almost every group of people on every continent. You probably already know that it is the common currency base all over the world, but in addition there are many curiosities about the brilliant material that you may not know.

1. In the depths of the oceans of our planet there are about 20 million tons of gold.

This is around $771 trillion dollars worth of gold in the sea but the chances of harvesting it is extremely difficult. Each liter of water contains approximately 13 billionths of a gram of gold.

2. Gold is edible in small portions.

Some Asian countries put gold in fruits, snacks, jams, coffee and tea. Since at least the year 1500, Europeans have put gold leaves in liqueur bottles, such as Danziger Goldwasser and Goldschl├Ąger. Many high quality restaurants around the world have been known to add sparkly flakes on the dishes to give it an extra touch and visual appeal.

3. Why is gold so expensive?

We all know that gold is rare, but let’s put this in perspective. The whole world pours more steel in an hour than it has shed gold in human history.

4. Despite its rarity, it is believed that more than 99 percent of Earth’s gold is still buried in the center of the planet .

5. Gold was discovered on every continent on Earth. Many scientists believe that it can also be found on Mars, Mercury and Venus.

6. In 1511, King Fernando of Spain created the famous phrase: “. Get gold humanly, if possible, but in any case, get gold. “

7. In ancient Egypt, gold was considered the skin or flesh of the gods.

Especially the god of the sun, Ra. Consequently, gold was not available to anyone except the Pharaohs, and only later to priests and other members of the royal court. The chambers holding sarcophagi of kings were known as the “house of gold.”

8. Gold Is Not From Earth.

This material is not really native to Earth. All the gold found on the planet came from meteorites that fell to Earth about 200 million years ago.

9. The world’s first gold vending machine.

It was introduced in May 2010. Located in a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, the vending machine itself is covered in twenty four-carat gold.

10. The world’s largest reserve of gold.

It can be found five stories underground in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It contains twenty-five percent of the world’s gold reserves (540,000 gold bars). For the record, the majority belongs to foreign governments.

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