10 Fun Restaurants With The Craziest Table Waiters

Discover some of the most creative and fun restaurants in the world where the table waiters are like nothing you have ever been served by before.

1.Robot Restaurant 20 – China

Robot Restaurant 20 - China

In the Chinese city Harbin is an incredible sci-fi themed restaurant. At this establishment customers are waited on by robots but these metal machines don`t just serve your food they also cook it too.

Only down side is the service can be a bit slow but watching the robots waiting tables is entertaining enough while you wait.

2. Rogo Restaurant – Abu Dhabi

Rogo Restaurant - Abu Dhabi

Inside a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi is this fun restaurant called Rogo. Thirty different roller coaster tracks connects the kitchen to the customer tables and it so much fun to watch plates of food whiz by.

Each table has it`s own unique shaped roller coaster, some tracks spiral, have double loops and 360 degree turns. Of course to avoid your food from being thrown all over the restaurant the dishes are given covers to make sure your meal actually reaches you.

3. Flying Chicken – Thailand

Flying Chicken - Thailand

Witness your food take to the air at the Flying Chicken restaurant. The table waiter at this place launches your chicken at your table while riding a unicycle. Did we mention he likes to dress up in funny costumes too?

If you ask nicely you might even get to have a go on the unicycle.

4. Jafflechutes – Australia

Jafflechutes - Australia

Even though this is not a conventional restaurant, it can be quite fun. You order your food online and are given a destination to pick it up. Once there your food will gentle float down to you using a parachute. How cool is that?

To make things even more interesting the company try to use different locations so it`s more fun for the customer.

5. Baggers – Germany

Baggers - Germany

Baggers is similar to Rogo but instead of roller coasters your food spirals down from the ceiling. Customers order their food from a moniter on the table and once ready it spirals down to your table.

The monitor also tells you your estimated meal and drink arrival time so you can be ready.

6. Daoxianji – China

Daoxianji - China

The owner of this restaurant decided to spice things up by making his table waiters wear bikinis but this doesn`t just apply to the girls. Male table waiters also have to wear sexy swimwear too.

While many may say this is wrong the customers sure love it and keep coming back for more.

7. YO! Sushi – London

YO! Sushi - London

You may have seen sushi restaurants were your food comes round on a conveyor belt, well this establishment has taken it one step further by delivering your food by drone.

8. Kayabuki – Japan

Kayabuki - Japan

Kayabuki is a traditional sake house with two monkey table waiters. They are called Yat-chan and Fuku-chan and have been certified by local authorities to work at the restaurant.

The one takes the drink orders from customers while the other offers hot towels for customers to clean their hands.

The customers love these little monkeys and claim they make better waiters than some humans.

9. Dine In The Dark Restaurant – Nepal

Dine In The Dark Restaurant - Nepal

If the fact that your table waiters are blind isn`t crazy enough you also have to wear a blind fold to eat at this restaurant.

The idea for the Dine in The Dark Restaurant came up to raise awareness and help create job opportunities for blind people. The restaurant has become a huge success with people loving the mysteriousness of eating blindfolded.

10. Ninja Restaurant – New York

Ninja Restaurant - New York

How about being dinned on by ninjas? This restaurant makes you feel like you are in ancient Japan with the masters of stealth serving your meals.

Be warned, the table waiters like to jump out and surprise you with stealth attacks but it all adds to the awesome atmosphere of the restaurant.

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