10 Hidden Signs That Your Kitty Cat Actually Loves You

Kitty cats happen not to be one of the easy-to-read creatures. Their manifestation of affection can be so subtle that missing them is pretty easy at times.

Unsimilar to dogs who often wear their hearts on their sleeves, most cats tend to be rather reserved. However, you should note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t show their love; they actually do, just in their own different ways.

Here are a couple of feline acts and behaviors you should watch for in your cat that confirm they dig you 100%:

1. Showing It`s Tummy

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As unbelievable as it may sound, a cat sprawled on its back with its belly pointed out towards you is not necessarily an open invitation to cuddle. In most cases, by doing this, they are just trying to relay to you how comfortable and secure they feel around you. Nevertheless, some cats really enjoy a fine belly rub and if they let you, go for it! Either way, just showing you their belly indicates that they trust you as much.

2. Slow Blinking

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Here is another very subtle expression brought to light by Jackson Galaxy from ?My Cat From Hell’. Cats
hate sharing direct eye contact with human beings. They assume that a constant and direct stare from human beings is a challenge or threat. So, when your cat gives you that slow blink, they are actually expressing how safe and secure they feel around you.

3. Your Cat Always Rubs Against You

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While it’s pretty easy to read a cat’s affection from it headbutting and snuggling up against your thighs, do you really understand the logic behind their actions? Well, here it is; Cats feature scent glands at the plinth of their tails and on their faces. So, by pushing their faces on to your feet and hands, they are actually scent marking you, thus creating an owner awareness to anyone looking.

4. Sharing The Same Room

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Although it may not seem as much, a cat will never share space with an individual it doesn’t like. They only share space with someone they dim friendly and that they like. A sign as simple as your cat just lying in the couch next to you simply means that they like you and really enjoy your company.

5. Your Pet Cat Grooms You

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Just as lions participate in pride, domestic cats also take part in social gatherings referred to as allongrooming.

Social grooming plays a very important role in cementing the bond between a cat and their human counterpart. Often, cats do this by licking, and even giving their human counterparts a few love bites’ on their knuckles and hands. This is an indication that they actually love you. However, you need to be very careful as the grooming can overstimulate them and they may end up biting you a little bit harder.

6. Your Kitty Cat Purs

Image Source USA Today News

Cats purr for various different reasons. Nonetheless, there is a particular kind of distinct full-bodied growl that is reserved for a cat’s true love. Additionally, by purring, a kitty’s heart rate is significantly lowered helping them relax and exhibit contentment feelings.

7. Your Kitty Cat Leaves Gifts

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Being human, it goes without saying that we resent dead things. However, if your kitty presents you such a bounty, you have to praise it. As much as they have been domesticated, cats will always have that inner hunting nature and sharing their prizes with proves that they really love you.

8. Your Cat Kneads You Before Lying Down

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It is believed that by kneading against their parents, cats are actually reliving their early life happy moments. So, whenever your kitty starts pawing up and down you, not only are they getting you soft for a nap, but they are also expressing just how much they adore you.

9. Twitching Tail

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A cat’s tail says a lot about what they are actually feeling. Whenever they are agitated or scared, a cat’s tail would puff. In a similar manner, a cat’s tail will always twitch at the bed whenever they are feeling blissful.

In case you notice this whenever your cat is approaching you, be assured that you rock their world.

10. Your Kitty Cat Gives You Love Bites

Image Source Modkat

If your cat likes to make playful bites it is trying to say you’re awesome but sometimes they get carried away and these harmless nibbles can become painful.


If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a part of your life with a cat, then you probably understand that these animals are always trying to connect with humans on a conscious level. Independent of whether they are trying to accomplish this through snuggling up, grooming or purring, a cat is a very loving and affectionate creature that will never cease to try and form special bonds with someone they actually love.