10 Incredible Examples Of Lipstick Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Check out these amazing works of lipstick art. Some were created by professional makeup artists while others by ordinary people, take a look and tell us which one is your favorite.

So lets kick off these examples of some of the most incredible lipstick art examples we have ever seen.

1. We’ve Found Nemo

One of the most expensive lipsticks currently on the market is called KissKiss Gold and Diamonds and costs $62,000. It is a special edition of the $34 Guerlain KissKiss lipstick and costs a few bucks more because the tube is made of 18k gold and encrusted with 199 diamonds.

It also has the added bonus of getting unlimited refills so this is one baton that should last you a lifetime.

2. Titanic Art

The iceberg that the Titanic hit was over 100 feet tall and there was only 37 seconds between spotting it and hitting it. The captain had no chance of avoiding it and its believed that if the captain had hit it head on instead the Titanic would never have sunk.

3. Panda Lips

Did you know that in ancient Egypt both men and women wore lipstick as a symbol of power?

4. Golden lip Art

In ancient Greece only prostitutes wore lipstick to show they were on call.

5. Gold Bliss

The very early versions of lip makeup had white lead and other poisonous ingredients which affected women`s health. It attacked the enamel on the teeth, caused blackening of the skin and excessive use often led to death.

6. Finding Dory Art

Did you know that fish scales are a major ingredient in nearly all lipsticks? It helps make lips shine.

7. Galaxy Lips

Statistics say that men are more attracted to woman wearing red lipstick.

8. Crystal Lips

Back in the 1500`s woman thought lipstick had magical healing properties when in fact they were harmful to one`s health,

9. Pixel Lip Art

Did you know that lipstick is the most shoplifted item?

10. Lightening Lips

The average woman will use 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime and 30% of that will end up being digested.

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