10 Most Amazing Sand Sculptures That’ll Make You Wanna Play In The Sand

While many kids grow out of making sand castles some people never do and go on to be become amazing artists and create awesome sand sculptures.

Check out our collection of the most incredible sand sculptures below and see which one is your favorite.

1. Barrel Tasting Day At The Abbey by CARL JARA.

2. Goddess by CARL JARA.

The sand looks so smooth it’s hard to believe it actually is sand.

Goddess Side View

3. Lamb by CARL JARA

Lamb Side View

4. Divided Minds

5. The fishing Net

6. The Last Supper

7. The Arabian Nights

8. Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves.

9. Welcome To The Jungle

10. The Big Punch

So who feels like grabbing a bucket and spade and playing in the sand?

Bonus Facts About Sand Castles

Playing in the sand goes all the way back to the Egyptian times, architects used to make plans for the pyramids by drawing in the sand. But it wasn’t till the end of the 19th Century that creating sculptures in the sand started kicking off.

Nowadays there are sand sculpture events taking place all over the globe and many artists have actually made a career out of building sand sculptures.

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