10 Most Amazing Sand Sculptures That’ll Make You Wanna Play In The Sand

While many kids grow out of making sand castles some people never do and go on to be become amazing artists and create some awesome sand sculptures.

Check out our collection of the most incredible sand sculptures below and see which one is your favorite.

1. Barrel Tasting Day At The Abbey by CARL JARA.

Image by 4tololo

These monks seem to be having a barrel of laughs. But take a close look at the detail on those barrels, the artist has managed to create a wood effective which makes them look so realistic.

2. Goddess by CARL JARA.

Image by 4tololo

The sand looks so smooth it’s hard to believe it actually is sand. Curious to know what tools the builder used to make this look so amazing.

Goddess Side View

Image by 4tololo

This sand sculpture is an amazing design, it must have taken an immense amount of planning to be able to get it just right so that all the angles match.

3. Lamb by CARL JARA

Image by 4tololo

Lamb Side View

Image by 4tololo

This sculpture doesn’t just look incredible but it also has an impact on the mind.

4. Divided Minds

Image by eBaum`s World

This one is a bit on the freaky side, no matter which angle you look at it.

5. The fishing Net

Image by eBaum`s World

I wonder if Nemo is hiding in this sand sculpture somewhere.

6. The Last Supper

This has to be the most amazing sand sculpture on our list, the detail is so incredible it must have taken days if not weeks to create such a work of art.

7. The Arabian Nights

Image by Buena Mente

Another great creation, the attention to detail is just mind blowing.

8. Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves.

This sand sculpture has all lights set up, can you imagine how spectacular this would look in the night.

9. Welcome To The Jungle

Image by Mi gold coast

A mountain made of African animals, Hakuna Matata.

10. The Big Punch

Image by Global News

The chances of Batman and the Hulk ever meeting are almost impossible as Batman is DC and Hulk is from marvel but still the idea is kind of cool. Especially with batman sneaking in a punch, think the Hulk would of kicked the Bat’s ass afterwards though. LOL

Bonus Facts About Sand Castles

Playing in the sand goes all the way back to the Egyptian times, architects used to make plans for the pyramids by drawing in the sand. But it wasn’t till the end of the 19th Century that creating sculptures in the sand started kicking off.

Nowadays there are sand sculpture events taking place all over the globe and many artists have actually made a career out of building sand sculptures.

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So who feels like grabbing a bucket and spade and playing in the sand? These sure do make me feel like getting creative next time I am on the each, unfortunately I am not very artistic and so it probably wouldn´t come out very good.

In my much younger days I used to like digging giant holes in the sand, not sure why but it´s funny as many kids still seem to enjoy doing it. Guess it´s kind of fun to see how deep you can go.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these works of art, my favorite is the monks having a drink. Which one was your favorite?

Come back to Hughes News Today to see more great stories, we got some funny ones coming up soon so stay tuned.

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