10 Must See Places During a Trip Through Croatia

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If you do not know anything about Croatia, then you do not know what you are missing. The sights are quite diverse, besides all its beautiful beaches, Croatia has many parks with beautiful waterfalls and lots more.

Nature’s relationship with the country is something you will easily notice because it is an extremely well cared for and conserved nature.

The architecture of the city also catches the attention of those who are traveling for the first time, the city unites its history with its beautiful buildings, this mix of landscape ends up resulting in a movie setting leaving everyone who passes by in love.

Reasons to visit Croatia:

Croatia is not part of the road map for many people, so let’s give a brief explanation of why we should get to know this place.

The local attendants are known for being very friendly and always willing to help local tourists with information and suggestions and for those who care about the local language and it is good to know you can easily communicate there using only English.

The local cuisine also catches the attention of tourists, as it is a country that borders Italy with the sea, we can easily find its influences on its local food, being one of the main dishes to try are the seafood dishes.

More advantages

Another advantage that the country presents is its price, Croatia is a very cheap place, for example, accommodation can be found from as little as 11 € per night.

Places to visit in Croatia

After this brief description of Croatia we will name the unmissable places so that you can have a complete experience during your trip.

1- Plitvice National Park

Located in the middle of the country, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is far from the beaches of the country, but guarantees a surprising view for visitors, basically the park is composed of waterfalls and lakes but they are not common lakes and are a stunning emerald color.

2- Walled City of Dubrovnik

For tourists who like to see the whole history of the country for sure this is a stop not to be missed, the medieval city was used for the set of the HBO Game Of Thrones series, it is possible that you climb to the top of the wall and and you can also swim in the castle waters, it is really amazing.

3- Blue Cave, Bisevo

The small island of Bisevo near Vis in Croatia has an Adriatic sea, the cave has become a must see for those passing through the country, the cave has a unique beauty that leaves anyone speechless.

4- Pula Arena

Have you ever imagined seeing a Colosseum by the sea? Well, the structure is very reminiscent of its amphitheatres of Rome, thus being located in the north of the country where it was built in the first century at the height of the entire Roman empire.

The details of the building delight everyone because it is a classic architecture using as reference the incredible buildings of Rome and it is one of the few that can still be visited because it is a preserved building.

5- Stiniva Beach

This beach was once voted the most beautiful in all of Europe, so you already have an idea of ​​all its beauty. The beach is small and has two huge stone walls that make the view a little more exotic but beautiful, in contrast it has a beautiful blue sea which is one of the clearest in the Europe.

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