Forests are the scene of several horror and mystery stories around the world. Its immensity is capable of keeping countless secrets and this intrigues us. This environment makes people speculate about what would be hidden behind all those trees or even under their land. All of these factors make forests a perfect setting and, consequently, our theme today about mystic things involving forests.

For some it may seem silly. The forest may be just another place like any other, but some things make it unique and scary. Being in a place surrounded by trees in the middle of the night while listening to the wild animals around you can be a terrifying experience.

Huge trees, fern vegetation, moss everywhere. I love all of this. Check out these 10 amazing mystical forests around the world that everyone should be able to see.

1. Taipingshan, Taiwan

2. Beskydy Mountains, República Tcheca

3. Hallerbos, Bélgica

4. Kvacianska Dolina, Eslováquia

5. Haute-loire, França

6. Ghost Tree Forest Mt. Seymour, Columbia Britânica

7. Glendalought, County Wicklow, Irlanda

8. North Greenwich, Londres, Inglaterra

9. Monforte de Lemos, Galicia, Espanha

10. White Carpathians, República Tcheca

Bonus tip

In times of pandemic where you cannot travel, a site is bringing relaxing sounds from forests around the world to you.

The Tree.fm website. is offering – online and for free – a way to relax and enjoy nature, without leaving your home. Accessing the site you can enjoy a little bit of nature and listen to the sounds collected in different forests around the world.

Of course, it does not replace the feeling of being in the middle of nature, smelling the trees and touching your feet in the vegetation, but it can be a way to kill homesickness.

The website’s creators thought that this could be an alternative to help relax, meditate or make a kind of digital version of shinrin-yoku, translated as “forest bath”.

Despite being a German initiative, there are noises of forests from different countries. Among them: United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, China, India, Russia, Ghana and even Brazil. All audio files were captured and shared under a Creative Commons license. That is, downloads and copies are allowed as long as for private, non-commercial use.

Access Tree.fm here and open your ears to tune in the birdsong, the sounds of water, wind, monkeys and moving foliage.