10 Reasons Why Everybody Should Have Car Insurance

We all like to complain about our vehicle insurance costs and that our premiums are so high but there are some very important reasons why we all need it!

We have scoured through thousands of images on our favorite search engine Google to come up with ten reasons why it is so important that we protect ourselves financially and medically with a good vehicle insurance because you never know what might be just around the corner.

1. Fire Engine Swallowed by Sinkhole

A firetruck was swallowed up by a sinkhole when the fire department responded to a water main break.

2. Time For A Quick Dip

This is not just a sink hole that this car has fallen into. Oh no it’s much worse than that. This road collapsed when a sewage pipe broke and the driver and his car ended up in a whole big pile of crap… Can you imagine having to climb out of your car in this?

3. No U-turns Ahead

This police car is perfect for making U-turns, do you think this vehicle could be a write-off?

4. I Don’t Worry About Bad Roads. I Have A 4X4

Even off-roaders can be caught out when the road no longer exists and have turned into a river.

5. It’s A Hole In One Golf

This golf driver always wanted a hole in one but when he finally got it he was not so pleased.

6. I Am Sure I Can Manage This Three Point Turn

This coach driver underestimated the turning circle of his vehicle and got totally wedged on this mountain pass.

7. What Happens When A Ferrari Hits A Lamp Post?

The lamp post wins EVERY single time.

8. The Perfect Soccer Mums Car

Some cars are ideal for soccer mums but not when the ball weighs 2 tons and drops on your vehicle from the roof.

9. Now That Really Is A Surprise

It’s no such much that the vehicle ended up in the window of the Chinese food takeaway but more how did it end up, up side down?

10. Is That How You Make A Sunroof?

This image tells a story but we don’t know what it is. Do you have any ideas how this car ended where it is?