10 Of The Wackiest Vehicles On The Planet

People are so creative and here’s a proof of that. We have a little compilation of some of the craziest vehicles on the planet. Would you like yo have a go on one of these.

Wouldn`t it be funny to look in the rear mirror and see a guy sitting on a toilet trying to over take you at 100 km/h?

See lets start our list of incredible cars and vehicles that belong in the wacky races.

1. The Motorized Toilet

This is perfect if you need to take a dump and can not stop.

2. The 25 Seats Scooter.

This one was designed to take all the family for a ride. It must be a very big family.

3. A Sub-dolphin.

This 15ft long dolphin-shaped submarine has a top speed of 45mph above water and 20mph below water. How cool is that!

4. The Island Boat.

How would you like to have your own island and take it to wherever you want? This amazing island boat has six double rooms, with capacity to host 12 residents, and accommodation for up to 4 staff members.

5. The Ice Cream Boat.

This is the world’s first amphibious ice cream truck, the ‘HMS Flake 99’, from the Thames River in London.

6. The Giant Skateboard.

This is the biggest skateboard in the world, it is 11.14m long; 2.63m wide; 1.10m tall. Was built by Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia in 2009.

7. The Car Shoe.

Does this car shoe come as a pair?

8. The Truck Snail.

This must be the fastest snail you’ve ever seen.

9. The Cat Car.

Someone likes cats so much that decided to build a cat-shaped car so he can travel inside the feline.

10. The Bath Car.

Why not bath and drive at the same time? This car is perfect if you’re late and need to wash on your way.

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