10 Ways to Drink Coffee Around the World

Coffee is the drink that most people loves and that is served in small cups or even in large glasses. It was once one of the most traded commodities in the world because of its monetary value. What is known is that, since its glorious time, it has never left the taste of the people.

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There are those who cannot start the day without a cup of coffee or those who do not even talk in the morning, if they do not feel that delicious smell and the hot coffee in their mouths. For incurable coffee lovers, any time is time to drink it.

The love of drinking can be something almost universal and known to everyone. But few people know what are the symptoms that it can cause in our body. Caffeine can really be a great thing. But it can also work against people. The experience will depend on the person’s body and how much it absorbs.

And people who like to drink coffee and want to vary the way they drink it can look to the rest of the world to see how the drink is taken in those places. Coffee is ingested in the most diverse ways. Best of all, you don’t have to leave your home to drink coffee from other parts of the world. We show here how coffee is taken by the world,

1 – Expresso

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This is one of the simplest ways to drink. It was invented in Italy and is a shot of espresso served in a small cup for this type of coffee.

2 – Doppio

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This is another way of drinking the drink that was also invented in Italy. The doppio is two doses of espresso in a cup of espresso.

3 – Ristretto

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Coffee lovers owe a lot to Italy for the most varied ways to drink. In this form we have an espresso, but with half the amount of water. This creates a much more concentrated flavor and a stronger palate.

4 – Long coffee

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The origin of this form of drinking is from Australia. In this way, it is served as an espresso with water. But hot water is added before and after coffee so that it doesn’t get in the way of the cream.

5 – Cuban coffee

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As its name says, it was invented in Cuba. In this way, the person drinks an espresso sweetened with brown sugar.

6 – Café bombón

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This coffee originates in Spain. It is an espresso with condensed milk.

7 – Macchiato

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This is one of the most well-known ways to drink. It was invented in Italy and is an espresso, with a touch of steamed milk.

8 – Gallon

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This way of drinking coffee was invented in Portugal. In it, people drink a quarter of espresso and three quarters of milk froth.

9 – Cappuccino

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This is one of the most beloved ways of drinking coffee. It was invented in Italy and is usually made with a third of espresso, a third of steamed milk and a third of milk froth. Cappuccino is served in a large cup with a finishing touch of cinnamon or powdered chocolate.

10 – Affogato

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Another wonderful invention from Italy on how to drink coffee. It’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cup with espresso spilled on top.

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