10 Weird Medical Facts About The Human Body That You Never Knew

You might think that you know the full medical facts about your the human body but here are 10 totally amazing things that you probably did not know!

1. Pools Of Saliva

Saliva is part of our eating and digesting process and we produce a lot more than you might think. In your lifetime you will produce enough saliva to completely fill 2 Olympic sized swimming pools.

2. Your Nose And Sense Of Smell

Can you guess how many smell cells you have in your nose? Well it is actually six million which are part of the olfactory system. The amount of smells you are able to recognize is around 50 thousand.

3. Body Heat

Our bodies warm us which is why we are referred to as warm blooded. But did you know the average human body produces enough internal warmth in just one hour to boil a whole gallon of water.

4. Them Bones, Them Bones

Human bones are in fact incredibly strong and durable. Our bones can with stand a force of up to eight tons in weight which makes them literally stronger than concrete.

5. That’s Handy

Human hands are the most sensitive of any living animal known. Our hands have no less than 600 pain receptors per square inch. Plus 36 heat sensors, 75 pressure sensors and 9 feet of blood vessels.

6. Have a Heart

The human heart is the strongest muscle in your body and in ones lifetime it will beat two and a half billion times. It can also continue to beat when removed from the human body for up to two minutes.

7. Lungs

Human lungs have six hundred thousand minute blood vessels which are called capillaries. If these were laid end to end they would reach from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

8. Ovaries

Female humans might only bring one egg into cycle each month but their ovaries keep a spare fifty thousand eggs in reserve.

9. Testicles

Human males produce a staggering amount of sperm. The average man produces ten million sperm per day which means in just six months that’s enough sperm from each man to repopulate the entire planet.

10. Teeth

When you look at this skull you might think that some image manipulation has gone on or maybe it is the skull from someone abnormal. In fact this is a skull from a juvenile with milk teeth awaiting for adult teeth to push through.

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