10 Weird Facts About Phobias That Actually Exist

These weird facts about phobias will blow your mind. You won’t believe some of the crazy things many unfortunate people suffer from.

So lets kick of our list of ten weird facts about phobias that actually exist.

1. Ablutophobia – Fear Of Washing

Image by Arab News

Ablutophobia is the bizarre fear of washing and bathing. It can affect children and adults and is more common in girls than boys. The picture above is of an 80 year old Iranian who hasn`t had a wash in sixty years because of his phobia.

2. Amathophobia – Fear of dust

Image by SheKnows

Even though dust is harmless in small amounts there many people who develop anxiety and panic attacks at the site of dust. It makes you wonder how they clean anything, or if they do.

3. Baropphobia – Fear of gravity

Image by Guide to Dreams

People suffering from Baropphobia are always in panic in case gravity ceases to exist and they float away.

4. Bromidrophobia – Fear of body smells

Image by Telegraph

You may be surprised to learn that this phobia is quite common. People with Bromidrophobia become crazy about hygiene and go in to complete overdrive when cleaning themselves.

In some cases people end up damaging their skin through excessive scrubbing.

5. Clinophobia – Fear of going to bed

Image by The Wondrous

This phobia is developed from the fear of having nightmares while sleeping. It sometimes takes over a person so much that they try to avoid sleeping all together which can lead to insomnia and poor health.

The causes may be due to bed-wetting, insomnia, worry, anxiety, random thoughts, health issues, nightmares among others.

6. Dendrophobia – Fear of trees

Image by Wall Paper Access

While some people like to live in trees and hug them there are a few folk out there that fear them. Most Dendrophobia cases are a result of a traumatic experience at young age. Hylophobia, xylophobia, or ylophobia are fears of wood or forests, and nyctohylophobia is the fear of forests at night.

7. Eisoptrophobia – Fear of seeing oneself in a mirror

Image by Barnorama

Many people love looking in the mirror and of course with most things there is an opposite which are people who have panic attacks every time they see a reflection of themselves.

8. Geliophobia – Fear of laughter

Image by Howstuffworks

They say laughter is the best medicine but for some it is a nightmare. If you have this phobia then best stay from funny animal pictures on the net.

9. Sciaphobia – Fear of shadows

Image by Optimistminds

Many horror movies use shadows to create scary scenes but for some people it is a common fear. Sufferers of Sciaphobia can only stay in extremely well-lit rooms, even when it comes to sleeping.

10. Peladophobia – Fear of bald people

Image by Onedio

This is actually one of many common phobias, but why? Bald people can be kinda cool, I have many friends who are bald. This fear is usually brought from a nasty experience with a bald person.

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The majority of fears are triggered by a traumatic event or perhaps something chilling that a person once witnessed that has been thought about so much it has snowballed into a fear. It is said that to overcome one’s fears you must face them head on, while that might work in the movies it doesn’t quite work in real life.

For example, I have a fear of needles so does that mean I need to keep poking myself with needles to overcome it? That’s more likely to make me hate and fear needles even more.

Some people have a fear of flying but going for a trip on plane doesn’t always cure the fear.

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