12 Hilarious Photos of People Who Failed Their Job Terribly

Perhaps one of the hardest lessons in life is that normally things will not go as planned. Problems and unforeseen events can always happen, and even if they try their best, no one is safe from failing, especially at work.

And thinking about it, Reddit forum users created a special section called You Had One Job eight years ago, which has since brought together the most comical moments of people and items that failed miserably in fulfill its function. Check out the 15 best photos below:

1. One last “bombastic” job

Perhaps this image is the only one that needs a little context. In 2016, a suicide bomber hid explosives in his notebook to board and destroy a Daallo Airlines flight. However, twenty minutes after takeoff, the bomb was detonated, opening a hole in the aircraft and sucking the terrorist, who ended up being the only fatality …

2. The anti-bite spray that apparently has the reverse effect

3. Never forget to check if your Christmas ornaments could easily be found in a sex shop

4. Schrodinger test: you may be pregnant or not, you will have to wait 9 months to find out

5. The curious case of the mermaid with a butt

6. These lighting poles really were placed in the right position, right?

7. According to this sticker, social distance is for the weak, the best way to fight the pandemic is with socialist dancing!

8. Safety first? Never! Now that’s laughing in the face of danger!

9. Whoever created this ice cream sign has never seen a mango in his life. And not even an avocado …

10. This Elmo doll will probably cause nightmares in some children, but it is a great decoration for Halloween

11. Someone should probably have checked that the calculations were correct

12. Are you going to say that you never thought about brushing your teeth with a nail clipper?