13 Artistic Meals You Would Feel Too Guilty To Eat

Delicious or not these meals look too incredible to eat. Wouldn’t you feel guilty gulping down these thirteen artistic meals?

Hong is a Malaysian architect known as “the artist who likes to paint, but does not use a brush”. She is also known as “Red” since the word Hong sounds like “red” in Mandarin. Last month, Hong challenged himself to create a new piece of art with food for each day of the month of March and share the results on Instagram.

There were only two rules:

– She could only use food
– The creations had to be placed on a white plate to serve as the backdrop.

“My creativity with food helped me look for new boundaries of my creativity, and taught me how to work within the confines of a very small area, my range of previous works was not less than 2 square meters. , Chop, stir, boil … I would never have thought that I would have to learn all this to make art! ”

1. Sweeping The Food Under The Rug

2. Just Waiting For The Big Bad Wolf

3. There We Blow

4. Up, Up And Away

5. Tempted To Eat Your Greens?

6. This Meal Is A Right Hoot

7. It’s Like Walking On Egg Shells

8. How Sweet!

9. Waves Of Rice

10. Could You Eat This Tiger?

11. This Meal Is Every Sailor’s Nightmare

12. This Is What You Call A Soup Dish

13. Oreo Animals

Which Of These Artistic Meals Would You Love To Eat?

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