8 Amazing Pictures Prove Commercial Airline Pilots Have Best Views In The World

These incredible images were taken by commercial airline pilots and they show some of the most spectacular views these flyers get to enjoy on a daily basis.

While passengers only get a small window to peer through during their flight what the commercial airline pilots see up front is so much more spectacular. From sunrises to sunsets, thunderstorms to dust storms most pilots have seen it all and we are lucky enough for a few have shared their incredible views with us online.

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The following photos were taken by Santiago Borja Lopez who flys for Ecuador airlines. He just loves capturing great shots while flying high above the clouds. Take a look and see which one is your favorite.

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Did you know that commercial airline pilots have to eat different meals in case either meal has food poisoning?

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Do you know which airport is the world`s busiest? It is actually Jackson Airport in Atlanta, USA. Around 260 thousand passengers arrive and leave from this airport on a daily basis.

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Commercial airline food might not be as bad as you think. The inside of a commercial aircraft is insanely dry and on top of that, the cabin is highly pressurized which tends to mess with our perception of taste. In fact the food flyers consume actually have extra salt so you can taste it.

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Despite flying being one of the safest modes of transport around 80% of the worlds population are afraid of flying.

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Commercial planes rarely fly with a full tank of fuel. The planes are filled with enough fuel needed to reach its main destination plus its nearest alternate, and then another 45 minutes worth of reserve fuel on top of that. The heavy the plane the more fuel it uses so companies put the minimum in to save money.

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What do you think of these pictures taken by commercial airline pilots, stunning aren’t they?

Bonus Facts

Did you know that 80% of the world’s population are afraid of flying and less than five percent of people on the planet have ever flown?

The lifespan of a commercial airliner is measured by pressurization cycles it has undergone. When an aircraft takes off and is pressurized the central body portion of the plane is exposed to high amounts of stress. Because of this planes have to be contantly inspected and whenever cracks or metal weakness is discovered the plane must be taken out of service. Aircraft that are used for longer journeys donĀ“t have to presurize the fusealage so often and so are able to stay airworthy for well over twenty years.

The emergency airmasks on a commercial plane are only designed to supply 12 minutes of continuous airflow which is just the amount of time needed for your commercial airline pilots to find a safe place to land.

United Airlines was the first company to invest in the purchase of supersonic planes, those capable of exceeding speeds of 2000 km/h on commercial flights. Now, the routes will be much faster and will allow you to reach your destination in the shortest possible time.

The year 1989 was marked by the first tragedy that happened to the company. The basement door of plane 1747, which left Honolulu, was ripped off and ended up tearing off part of the fuselage. As a result, 8 passengers were snatched out of the aircraft.

Delta Airlines is known for being the oldest airline in the history of aviation, as well as operating the largest fleet in the world. In all, it has more than 720 aircraft on its mainline and more than 50 regional aircraft.

If today you have the opportunity to follow the route of international flights through mobile maps, thank Delta Airlines. She was largely responsible for this creation in 1992.