Swedish tattoo artist Mr. T Stucklife is drawing attention on social media after sharing copyright works on his Instagram profile. With the exclusive use of numerous shades of black and gray, the drawings stand out for presenting an absurd realism and extreme similarity with classic photos and paintings due to the richness of details.

As you can see in the photos, the artist’s tattoos are strongly inspired by Greco-Roman culture, drinking heavily from historical sources. In addition, the works have a slight inclination towards optical illusions, bringing adaptations in places of movement and changing the effects of lights and colors.

With the ability to take tattoo designs to the next level, he is able to recreate scenarios, stories and people in a way that not only innovates, but also brings an identity to the designs and turns them into a true work of art scratched on the skin.

The female portraits

When looking at the catalog, it can be seen that most of the works portray female images, always with great delicacy and with a less aggressive sensitivity. In this way, the artist pays great attention to the hypnotic and revealing look, bringing a realism not only visual, but communicative through expressions.

Currently, Mr. T Stucklife has more than 35 thousand followers on social networks and a good ten projects in his portfolio. In addition, the professional seems to abandon the idea of minimalism once and for all to bring something more voluminous and complex, leaving aside the idea of strong colors and tones to focus only on black and gray variations.

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