15 Funny Selfies From The Animal Kingdom That Will Make You Smile

Check out these hilarious pictures of animals that have mastered capturing perfect selfies. Can they take better selfies than you?

Between the angle, filters, lighting and endless facial expressions you can make, it can be difficult to get the ideal shot.

Now take a look at these 15 Funny selfies from the animal kingdom that will make you smile. These creatures are here to show you how to take a the perfect selfie.

1. Me And The Guys

Chillin in the snow.

2. If A Monkey Can Master Selfies Anyone Can

Only took this cheeky monkey two shots to get the perfect picture.

3. Me And My Crazy Friend

But who is the crazy one?

4. Probably The Slowest Selfie In The World

Must have been taken with a slow shutter speed.

5. Say uuuuuuuuu!

6. Triple Selfie, Now That’s Cool For Cats

This picture is a roaring success.

7. I’m Sexy And You know It


8. Because I’m Happy

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

9. Whose A Pretty Bird

10. Three Girls Horsing Around

Yes, but why the long face?

11. Wait, I Think I Got It

Anybody else think this pug looks like Snoop Dogg?

12. Thinking Of You

My brother from another mother.

13. I’m So Cute

And cuddly

14. Anual Family Gathering

This meeting gets our seal of approval.

15. This May Be My Last Selfie

So long cruel world.

Article Source; Bored Panda

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