15 Hilarious Pictures Of Very Angry Cats

Check out these funny pictures of angry cats that went viral on the Web. These fierce felines with leave you in fits of laughter.

These cats look so annoyed you are taking your life into your hands if you try to stroke them but you have to admit some of them still look cute even when they are angry.

We have also thrown in a few bonus facts about cats that you may not know. So lets start off our collection of angry cats with this annoyed critter….

1. How Dare You Rub My Chin

I Will bite in 3,2,1….

2. I Hate Grass

Did you know cats are able to drink seawater? Their kidneys are specially adapted to filter out the salt from the water.

3. You Looking At Me?

You better not be!

4. I Hate You

Most people know that a male cat is called a Tom but do you know what a female cat is called?

It’s called a Molly.

5. Life Sucks

I wish I had a nicer owner.

6. Plotting World Domination

Even though they have the ability to drink sea water they aren’t able to taste sweet things.

7. Why Was I Born Looking Like A Little Lamb

Could this be the little lamb Marry had?

8. You Are Going To Pay

Small but deadly.

9. I’m A Vampire Cat And Like To Bite

10. Let Me In Right Now!

Cats have twelve whiskers on their faces which helps them figure out if they can fit through certain spaces.

11. Bath Time Sucks

Cats can make around a hundred different vocal sounds.

12. Stay Away Or You’ll Regret It

Cats struggle to see under their noses and sometimes have difficulty locating food thats right in front of them.

13. Don’t Fall Asleep

14. I Am Your Worst Nightmare

Persian cats are the most popular breed because they are the most affectionate cats.

15. Don’t Make Me Angry, You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Hope you found these angry cats entertaining, stay tuned for our next article.

Why Do Gets Angry So Easily

Cats are very scared and defensive animals. They often become very angry cats when in fear and its normal for them to believe they have to defend themselves with aggressive behavior. If your cat is in a fearful situation their emotions will arise which will result in anger.

How To Know If Your Cat is Angry With You?

Very angry cats show their aggression vocally. Hissing, growling and moaning are all signs that your cat is upset and you should back off. If you ignore these vocal warnings chances are your cat may lash out at you.

When a cat`s ears are turned back it also means they are angry but this usually happens along with the vocal warnings.

Flicking of the tail is also an early sign that your cat is starting to get annoyed.

What Makes Most Cats Angry?

There are many things that could anger a cat but the most common issues are a stray cat that has entered his or her territory.

When the cat is not able to access to their food, water or litter box.

But the most common issue is when someone is interacting with him or her in a way that annoys them. Not all cats like cuddling so don`t force your affection on very angry cats or they will scratch you, instead find another activity that both you and your cat can enjoy.

How to Calm Very Angry Cats

1. Back off.

Once you notice your cat is becoming angry simply back off. Moving away from the cat will reduce the angry cat`s fear and calm him or her down. If the cat is reacting to another animal or person separate them into different rooms. It can take between 10 and 20 minutes for the cat calm down.

2. Make yourself small.

Try and bring yourself down to the cats level by lying or sitting on the floor. This will make the cat thing you are no longer a big threat and calm down.

3. Ignore the cat.

Just simply ignoring your cat can calm them down. Talk to someone else or quietly watch some television and they will realize you are not focused on them and will change their mood as they feel they have nothing to be concerned about.

4. Provide A Safe Place For Your Cat To Hide.

If a cat has somewhere it can hide when in fear it will feel more secure and be less likely to become angry. Things like loud noises and visitors can scare your cat and if they have nowhere to hide they may become angry and aggressive.

5. Use Food.

Feeding your cat or giving them a treat can calm them down. Very angry cats also need to drink some water after being on high alert. so make sure that the water bowl is full of fresh water. But don`t force them to eat, it will probably annoy them even more.