15 Stunning Exposure Photography Pictures By Scott Baldock

Discover some incredible exposure photography pictures by the artist Scott Baldock. Take a look and see if you recognize some of the famous British landmarks.

We have here the work of the talented British photographer Scott Baldock. Scott likes to take stunning photos of nature, landscapes, architecture and abstract photography.

Here is just a selection of some of Scott’s long exposure photograph pictures.

1. Big Ben (Explored)

2. Quiet On The Thames

3. DLR (docklands light reflected)

4. HMS Lancaster at Canary Wharf

5. In A Rush

Long exposure photography has become very popular over the last years but it requires a technique which is difficult to master. First you need to learn about filters and second you need a lot of patience and thirdly a specialist camera.

6. London Dockside

7. London Eye

8. Mr Quick

9. Mud Larking Tower Bridge

10. Rush Hour

The majority of cameras on the market have a maximum exposure time of just 30 seconds but if you are wanting to master long exposure photographs then you need to find yourself a specialist camera that has an exposure time of 300 seconds or more.

11. The Shard

12. Solar Power

13. St Pauls From The Bridge

14. The Money Machine

15. The Rush Home

To learn more about Scott and see other examples of his work visit his official website Scott Baldock here.

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