16 Mr Bean Photoshop Pictures That Will Have You Laughing

We have for you today a collection of the best Mr Bean photoshop pictures online, these images were created by fans of the character and the results are absolutely hilarious.

Mr Bean is probably one of the most popular, funniest and beloved figures of all time. The character does not even have to talk to make us laugh. The shows have been broadcast in countries all over the world and years later he is just as popular as ever.

Despite Rowan Atkinson retiring the character Mr bean in 2012 there are rumors of him making another return to our screens.

Until then, here are some of the funniest and best Mr Bean photoshop pictures that fans have created with this fun character.

Take a look at these mr bean photoshop pictures because your day will be much better … you can be sure!

1. Meet Mr Beanber!

Mr bean photoshop as justin beiber

Only 15 episodes of Mr bean were ever produced but they were such a huge success with all episodes being shown in 245 territories.

2. Mona Bean!

mr bean photoshop as mona lisa

The shows were produced in the early 90`s but are still being shown as reruns in many countries today and enjoyed by millions of viewers.

3. Mad Bean Max!

mr bean photoshop driving his mini in a scene from mad max

The official Mr Bean fanpage on Facebook has almost 80 million followers from all over the world who love the frequent updates by Mr Bean.

4. Mr Bean Potter!

Mr bean photoshop as harry potter

Despite his antics behind the wheel of a Mini are quite comical he is a serious driver in real life, actor Rowan Atkinson regularly participates in professional motor racing and he is pretty good at it.

5. Bean Avatar!

mr bean photoshop as avatar

Did you know Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson has a daughter who is also an actress, she has appeared alongside her father in Mr bean`s Holiday in 2007 and Johnny English reborn in 2011.

6. The Lord of the Beans!

Mr Bean photoshop in lord of the rings

Rowan Atkinson got the idea for Mr bean after watching the French comedy film Mr. Hulot’s Holiday that starred Jacques Tati.

7. I Bean Painting!

mr bean photoshop in a painting

Before launching the Mr bean series Rowan Atkinson first practiced with the character in front of a French audience to make sure his silent comedy sketch would be enjoyed by people of other languages.

8. Logan Bean!

Mr Bean photoshop as xmen Logan

The character was originally going to be called Mr White and then was changed to Mr cauliflower before finally it was agreed to name him Mr Bean.

9. Pirates of the CaribBean!

mr bean photoshop as captain jack sparrow

Mr Bean`s ear wiggle is not a special effect, the actor Rowan Atkinson can actually do that in real life.

10. Bean Soldier!

Mr bean photoshop as a soldier

Rowan Atkinson voiced the character Mr Bean in the animated series and he also had to act out every scene in front of the animators so that they could get the animations spot on with the character.

11. Indiana Bean!

mr bean photoshop as indianna jones

Did you know Rowan Atkinson starred alongside Sean Connery in the James Bond Movie Never Say Never Again?

12. Bean the Gladiator!

mr bean photoshop as the gladiator

Thanks to the success of Mr Bean, actor Rowan Atkinson is worth an estimated £85 million Pounds which is approximately 130 million dollars.

13. The Black SwanBean!

Mr bean photoshop as the black swan

Did you know Rowan Atkinson voiced the red-billed hornbill Zazu in the 1994 Disney movie The Lion King.

14. The Queen Elisabeth Bean!

mr bean photoshop as queen elizabeth

Rowan Atkinson has a speech impediment problem and so was turned down for many roles, after so many rejections he finally decided to create his own show and came up with the character Mr Bean to get around his stuttering problem.

15- The WolverBean!

mr bean photoshop as wolverine

Did you know that Mr Bean is one of the most popular TV characters in the world.

16. Mr Sbeanpok!

mr bean photoshop as mr spock

Thats all the Mr Bean photoshop pictures we have, hope they put a smile on your face.

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