17 Reasons Why You Should Always Pick A Window Seat On Your Flights

Where do you normally choose to sit when booking flights? Maybe you should be choosing a seat by the window, here are 17 reasons why.

1. The Views Are Spectacular

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Looking out of the plane window you will be in constant awe seeing the world from above. It brings a whole new and breathtaking perspective seeing famous landmarks, cities, mountain ranges and lots more from thousands of feet in the air.

2. There Is A Chance To See A Mirror Refection Of Chicago’s Skyline Shinning In Lake Michigan

Image Source – Twistedsifter

This is just one example of the incredible things you will get see from your flight window seat.

3. Spotting A Heavy Rainstorm In The Distance Is Awesome

Image Source – Reddit

Seeing rain storms in the distance on land is awesome but from the air it becomes a hole new experience.

4. You Can See The Summit Peak In Africa

Image Source – Twistedsifter

If you happen to be taking a flight over Africa then keep an eye out for Mount Kilimanjaro poking up through the clouds.

5. Sunrises Will Leave You In Awe

Watching the sunrise from your plane window is a magical experience you`ll never forget.

6. And You’ll Love Watching The Sunsets

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Sunsets are just as memorable especially if you can see the moon too.

7. Waterfalls Will Take Your Breath Away

Image Source – Besthike

Kaieteur Falls, Guayana from an airplane.
You will have the perfect view of waterfalls without the tiring adventure of hiking and climbing to them.

8. The Beautiful Waves Of Clouds Will Mesmerize You

Image Source – Youtube

Nothing quite like bursting through the clouds and seeing the sun shining, endless clear blue skies and an amazing sea of clouds.

9. You Wont Be Able To See The Snow Covered Mountains From The Aisle Seat

The Pyrenees mountain range from above will give you an idea of how enormous this place really is.

10. Or A Frozen Lake

Image Source – Twistedsifter

Seeing the stunning lake Mendota frozen over from a window seat is so crazy it will make you wonder if it is real.

11. Cities Engulfed In fog Are An Eerie Sight You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

Image Source – Twistedsifter

Warsaw, Poland covered in fog from an airplane, the only things visible are skyscrapers poking through the fog.

12. The City Lights At Night Are Just As Mesmerizing

Image Source – Twistedsifter

When you see a city at night from the comfort of a plane window it is so mesmerizing you won`t want to look away, especially when it is a city as big as Los Angeles, USA.

13. Historical Places Are Even More Impressive From The Air

Image Source – Thousandwonders

Seeing Prambanan Temple from an airplane will give a proper idea of how magnificent this historical place really is.

14. You’ll Never Get A Better View Of A Volcano

Image Source – Twistedsifter

When flying to New Zealand it`s impossible miss Mount Taranaki volcano from an airplane.

15. The Views Of Cities From A Window Seat Are Amazing Too

Image Source – Twistedsifter

Huge cities also look amazing during the day, it`s fun to try and spot all the famous land marks.

16. You Can Say A Final Farewell To The City You Are Leaving

How many famous landmarks can you spot from this picture of London, UK?

17. Finally You Have Somewhere To Rest Your Head If You Want To Sleep

Image Source – Plymosteoclinic

No matter where you are flying to, as long as you have a window seat you are guaranteed to see some of the most mind blowing views of our planet. So next time you are flying somewhere remember to choose the right seat.

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