20 Children Who Are Almost Identical To Their Parents

Without doubt, no DNA testing is necessary for these children because they look almost identical to their parents. They could even be mistaken for twins.

Browse through these following photos and you’ll be shocked to see how similar these children are with their folks.

Ava Elizabeth Phillippe and actress Reese Witherspoon

The actors Colin Hanks and Tom Hanks.

You have probably heard the saying “like father like son”, well there is a reason for that. Not only do we share the same chromosomes as our parents which can often make us look identical to them but we often develop the same traits too.

Studies have shown that by the age of 38 most men have turned into their fathers. As hard as you guys out there may try to be different it’s pretty much inevitable for most men. But there are the few exceptions that manage to break away from the norm.

For most of us as we start to grow older we begin to see our parent’s faces in the mirror or find ourselves wanting the same familiar comforts. The things we tell our children are the same words our parents said to us.

Do we have our own personality, or are we destined to become our parents in appearance and traits?

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