20 fantastic places around the world that not even the best travel agents know

This is another post for those who love to travel.
Not only that, it is for those who enjoy admiring spectacular photos of nature and unique places.

I particularly prefer to travel to places with exuberant nature, where we can spend much more time in contact with the natural than with the artificial.

If you are like that too, you will be dying to visit each of these 28 destinations below.

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The following are 28 fantastic places around the world that not even the best travel agents know (or if you prefer, that few people know).

1. Albarracín (Spain)

A mystical place that still has preserved medieval villages. It is in northern Spain.

2. Haiku Stairs (Hawaii, USA)

Also known as Stairway to Heaven (“stairway to paradise”, in free translation), the step trail reaches a height of 850 meters above sea level. Imagine the view!

3. Huacachina (Peru)

In the middle of a lot of sand there is a beautiful oasis. About 100 people live in this place. Can you imagine a better place to be at peace and rest?

4. Alcázar de Segovia (Spain)

One of the most famous castles in Spain, the Alcázar de Segovia is a stone fort known for its unique shape – did anyone else remember Hogwarts?

5. Quinta da Regaleira (Portugal)

Do you like gardens? So this place is made for you, because it has large lush gardens… but there are also constant fogs that add to the aura of mystery in the palace.

6. Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Here is an excellent destination for anyone who is a fan of the Game of Thrones series. It was in this region that they filmed all the landscape scenes of Porto Real.

7. Aescher (Switzerland)

This is definitely my favorite destination. In the middle of the Swiss mountains there is this small hotel to host those looking for a good haven to rest.

8. Bishop Castle (USA)

One of the most curious castles in the world, Bishop Castle was built by just one man: Jim Bishop.

9. Leptis Magna (Libya)

Although located in Libya, this place is actually a historical heritage from the Roman Empire. This is the destination if you have the desire to know the works of the men of Rome without visiting the Italian city (if that makes any sense).

10. Meghalaya (India)

An unusual place, for unusual people who like rain. It is very likely to visit this place while it is raining.

11. Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Bhutan)

Built over 900 meters high, the monastery was built to protect the cave where a Buddhist leader meditated for a while. 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days and 3 hours to be exact. How he did it without sleeping I don’t know.

12. Bagan (Myanmar)

An ancestral city in the heart of Myanmar. Want an unusual place? Here it is!

13. Lord Howe Island (Australia)

Home to a beautiful coral reef, this place still has an island little explored by civilization. I don’t know how you could get there, but it would certainly be a great adventure. They say that only 400 tourists a year are allowed to visit the island.

14. Hallstatt (Austria)

Another medieval village, now in the interior of Austria. One of its main tourist spots is the prehistoric mines that are there.

15. Melissani Cave (Greece)

This cave is, in addition to beautiful, a plot for yet another one of the many stories of Greek mythology. According to mythology, this place was where nymphs lived and seduced men with their beauty.

16. Chichilianne (France)

A fantastic view for those below. A fantastic view for those who are over 2,000 meters in height. It can’t be bad to visit this place in the French Alps.

17. Xexuão (Morocco)

A peculiar place that this image represents very well. They say you know you are in Xexuão when you see shades of blue coloring every corner of the city.

18. Cappadocia (Turkey)

Thanks to the soap Salve Jorge, the destination is no longer so unknown. But it is clear that the visit is still valid. Who never wanted to ride a balloon? (I’m really scared of heights)

19. Castello di Sammezzano (Italy)

The visit to the Castello di Sammezzano is mainly due to the Sala do Pavão (the one in the picture). I don’t see a better name to define this, do you?

20. Grotta Palazzese Restaurant (Italy)

If you are in Italy, hungry and with a lot of money, be sure to visit the Grotta Palazzese Restaurant. The kitchen and tables are located in a natural cave, on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, north of the Mediterranean. Certainly one of the restaurants with the best views in the world.

Which of these places did you find most spectacular, leave your comment below.