20 Heartwarming Pictures of Cats Before and After Being Adopted

We have selected some heartwarming pictures of cats and their owners after a few years of living together. It is very interesting to see that some things do not change, except for the love that is greater for these cats and their owners.

Once you adopt a cat a special bond develops between you and your feline friend which lasts a lifetime. So lets kick of these pictures of cats that may just melt your heart.

1. Two years later and they are still cuddling

2. My little one after three years of being rescued.

3. On the first day of 6th grade my brother had Mittens, here they are 17 years later.

4. A year later and a chair in ruins.

5. Toby still loves his bed four years later.

6. This is Julio (45 days old and now, 8 years later). He is the sweetest cat in the universe.

7. Before and now and she still loves sitting in the guitar case.

8. Same Selfie 15 years later.

9. Before and now – still Cute!

Halfway through our collection of pictures of cats, keep going and we have some bonus content at the end.

10. My cat and I 17 years later.

11. Before and after…

12. 2 years later, still your favorite spot.

13. 4 years later, she still does it.

14. 18 years later, And They Still Love Cuddling Each Other!

15. Bill and I, 19 years later.

16. Me and my Cat 12 years later.

17. A year later and I’m still happy that I adopted the twins.

18. My cat and I, ten years later.

19. Almost two years later. We looked different, but nothing changed.

20. The day he was rescued and a year later … some things never change..

If these cute pictures of cats have put you in the mood to adopt one then here are some tips on how to proceed.

1. Adopt from a shelter

There are so many abandoned cats looking for a family to care for them so before you think of looking at your local pet shop visit an animal shelter and adopt a cat from there and you maybe saving a life. Also when you adopt from a shelter the cats are usually vaccinated and castrated which will save you money.

Talk to the workers at the shelter, they will be able to tell the cat`s personality and habits so you can choose the right cat that suits you.

2. Remember a Cat Is For Life

Once you adopt a cat it will become part of your family and will grow to love you as you in turn will grow to love it too.

3. Adopting a Cat Has Costs

When you adopt a cat you have to be prepared to have expenses and not just for cat food. There are veterinary bills which may come up from time to time plus the regular worming and fleaing of your pet cat. Also you may want to buy toys and treats for your cat.

4. Consider Adopting More Than One Cat

When you are working or otherwise occupied cats can be companions for each other. Also having more than one cat helps increase their exercise and mental stimulation.

5. Create a Special Spot In Your Home For Your New Arrival

Taking your newly adopted cat home can be a very stressful time for them, they will most probably seek out somewhere to hide at first so create a special area for them where they can feel comfortable and allow them to explore and get familiar with their new surroundings.

6. Have Patience

New cat owners need to have patience with their new pet cats. It will take time remembering where the kitty litter box is so accidents may happen on the first few days.