20 Incredible Animal Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Discover some incredible animal facts that you probably never heard of. You`ll be amazed with what these creatures are capable of.

The animal’s universe is really phenomenal. New information is discovered by scholars on duty and comes to the surface every day that is born on the horizon, always with something surprising that you did not know about some species of animals.

Just to give you an idea, animals have passed from sea to land 414 million years ago, meaning they have a lot of history to tell us.

So let’s get to know some of the most incredible animal facts and crazy things about these creatures that surround us:

1. Peacock Mantis Shrimp Fact

Image Source Quora

The peacock mantis shrimp has the fastest attack in the world, its punches are thrown at an incredible speed of 50 mph, it`s tiny little claws can accelerate faster than a bullet.

2. Chimpanzee Fact

Image Source Pinterest

It turns out chimps like a good drink too, in Guinea they often drink fermented palm sap which is around 3% alcohol.

3. Peacocks Fact

Image Source Howstuffworks
You may be surprised to learn that not all peacocks are called peacocks. The females are called peahens and it is just the males that are actually called peacocks.

4. Elephant Fact

Image Source The Ghana Report

While young human children and babies quite often suck their thumbs for comfort, baby elephants like to suck on their trunks for a little bit of comfort.

5. Tiger Fact

Image Source alamy

Did you know it`s not just the tigers fur that is striped. Their skin also has the same patternwhich is unique to each to tiger.

6. Grizzly Bear Fact

Image Source Distinctly Montana

A grizzly bear’s bite is so powerful it can crush a bowling ball.

7. Otter Fact

Image Source NatureScot

Sea otters prefer sleeping on the water and so have to hold hands so that they don’t drift apart.

8. Prairie Fact

Image source Q Country FM

Prairie dogs have something in common with us humans, they like kissing when they meet.

9. Cat Fact

Image Source Pinterest

It has been discovered by animal behaviourists that cats only meow to humans. They rarely meow at other cats unless a fight is brewing.

You are at the half way point of our list of incredible animal facts, have you learned anything knew? Keep going to see the rest of our incredible animal facts.

10. Rat Fact

The Guardian

If you hate rats then you be enlightened to learn that Alberta, Canada have very few rats in fact they have the least rats in the world.

11. Blue Jay Fact

Image Source Boreal Birds

To protect their young Blue jays have learnt to mimic the sound of hawks’ in order to scare other birds away.

12. Swan Fact

Image Source Pinterest

The royal family in Uk actually own every swan in the country, they also own all the dolphins and whales along the British coast.

13. Clownfish Fact

Image Source NewsRoom

Here is a funny fact every clownfish are all born as males, a select few turn female when it is time to mating.

14. Moray Eels

Image Source Leagues Diving

No this is not an X-ray of Alien. Believe it or not these are Moray eels which crazy enough they have a 2nd set of jaws with teeth similar to alien that can stretch out from their mouths to catch prey.

15. Duck Fact


It’s not just humans that like to surf, Ducks love it too. They have been spotted on numerous occasions riding waves and even going back for another go.

16. Wombat Fact

Did you know that wombat droppings come out as squares. It brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about it.
Image Source Specialist Sales

17. Shark Fact

Image Source The Week

There are more people bitten in New York by humans every year than there are people bitten by shark in the world.

18. Bat Fact

Image Source The Orange country Register

Here is another crazy animal fact, when giving birth female bats are hanging upside down and have to catch the baby bat in their wings other wise it falls to the ground.

19. Cat Fact

Image Source Pinterest

It`s common knowledge that some people are allergic to cats but did you know that some cats have an allergy to humans?

20. Lion Fact

Image Source Independent

Lions used to inhabit many areas across Europe but sadly they were hunted to extinction in Europe around 100 BC.

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