20 Incredibly Comforting Things That Happened This Year That May Bring Your Faith Back In 2020

It’s not every day you see a year becoming a meme because of how disastrous it has been. You just have to see the people trying to get over it with a sense of humor here, and those who describe 2020 in one word here.

Basically, we’ve reached a point where many of us have been severely deprived of well-being emotions. It doesn’t take a doctor to tell us that global chaos has taken its toll on us. But at least there is an antidote to relax and comfort us.

Sit back and get ready for this compilation of heartwarming stories that will restore hope in humanity and in our future, because as long as there are people like this, we’ll be fine.

1- I have spent 3707 foster days, but today I was adopted.

2- Ridan Al-Mashouly, 14, lives in Yemen, and regularly feeds and provides food to a destitute elderly man with special needs, of his own salary.

He works in a restaurant and hopes to earn enough money to go back to school after having to leave it temporarily.

3- This man helped 33 strangers go to college using his life savings after working as a carpenter for 67 years.

Another wonderful person, who is worth his weight in gold. Actions are what counts, not wanting things.
A Covid response study conducted in May shows that Americans have not been this unhappy in 50 years.

Keeping up in these difficult times seems impossible, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Experts recommend physical exercise, good sleep, and meditation. And above all, connect with people even if it is not face to face.

4- After 12 years and 5 miscarriages, my son turns 4 in March.

5- I’m a single dad who has shaved his head all his life. Now I am learning how to comb my daughter’s hair with youtube videos. I am proud of this braid.

6 How it started / How it goes (fuck cancer).

Having a sense of control is essential when you feel overwhelmed by the chaos of the world. In the end, all the good and bad happen. Challenges will become history and some may longingly remember all this free time. So why not use it for the benefit of our well-being, internal and external?

7 Be like Abdul.

Today I left my bike parked at the station, and when I left work at 6, the insurance had been cut off and the bike was not there. I asked at the station if anything was seen on the security cameras, then a man came, asked me to enter the code of my broken insurance, and when he saw that the bike was mine, he told me that he had it. His name is Abdul Muneeb and he works for South Eastern Railways. He was resting and saw a guy cutting the insurance. He made him give him the bike and put it in the facility, then waited 4 hours after his shift was over to make sure I got my bike back.

8 A Boy Crashed Into My Father’s Car Because His Bike Was Old With Broken Brakes. My father bought him a new bike.

9 Marios Giannakou is an athlete and he took this disabled student named Eleftheria to the top of Mount Olympus, it was his dream.

10 How it started / How it goes.

11- This man takes his disabled twin to marathons and competitions, so they can compete together.

12- My Parents Couldn’t Afford To Buy Me A Nice Cake This Year So After A Long Day At Work My Dad Came Home And Made One For Me.

13- 10 years ago I volunteered to care for a young man at risk of exclusion. I dropped him off at the university yesterday.

14- Dorothy makes pastries and anonymously leaves them for the neighbors of the community. We recently caught her.

15- I stopped studying at 17 to work and I was wondering how I would do as a student. Well, I’m going to find out. Yesterday I enrolled in History.

16- After 6 months without a home and without work, I now have a new apartment, a car and a job in a call center. And I have achieved it myself.

17- I had an aneurysm and brain hemorrhage, I have had surgery and I have survived.

18- Today I am 12 years old without drinking.

19- My Father Died From Covid In July And I Found These Photos Of Him Fixing My Bow Tie For My Graduation.

20- My Father Retired At 70. He was a workaholic and I was worried about how he would handle it, but he said he would dedicate himself to art again. He gave me this.