20 Photos Taken At The Right Time That Will Give You The Giggles

It is not always necessary to study photography or have a professional camera to record a funny moment. It`s more a case of being in the right place at the right time.

1. Most Painful Selfie Ever, Ouch

Image by Insider


2. Meditating On The Beach

Image by Twisted Sifter

Just when you think things are going so well, a big wave comes along and ruins it all.

3. It was Not Quite What the Kitten Had Planned

Image by BuzzFeed

That moment when you completely regret your decision.

4. Can You see It?

Image by SW

After you do you`ll wish you hadn`t

5. Robin’s Mis-steak

Image by SW

Never seen Robin wear a skirt before, have you?

6. A Very Embarrassing Moment in Baseball

Image by New Arena

Nothing worse than having you most embarrassing moment photographed for the world to see.

7. It Is Not What You Think!

Image by Quora

If you see something other than the guy`s arm you have a dirty mind.

8. This Guy Has A Drinking Problem

Image by Imgur

9. If You Drink, It Might Not Be a Good Idea Taking Selfie

Image by lolworthy

Anything can Happen!

10. Meet The Fire Breathing Dog

Image by Reddit

He`s the fire starter, twisted fire starter.

11. Surfing In The Pond

Image by Reddit

You haven`t seen nothing till you seen a duck surfing.

12. Ant verses Tiny Helicopter

Image by Photobox

Round one, FIGHT!

13. Trapped Dog in a Bubble

Image by Mighty Optical Illusions
It looks like some puppy trickery going on here.

14. The Supermoon In Dubai

Image by Reddit

Touch down!

15. Another Normal Day in India

Brings a new meaning to the term railway crossing.

16. The Exact Moment When Oceanography Lost a Student

Image by Jebiga

Who is more afraid of who?

17. The Elastic Man

Image by Just Post

The fantastic four fingers!

18. A Dragon Cloud

Image by Express

Or is it a dog poking his tongue out?

19. A Metamorphose Man

Image by Design You Trust

Someday I`ll fly away.

20. A Sailor Moon

Image by Kickvick

Most awesome sail in the world!!

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