20 Pictures From Project Van Life On Instagram That Will Make You Wanna Travel

There is a forever increasing group of people who are quitting their jobs and with their partners, pets and camper vans are exploring the world.

During their adventures many of these camping lovers document their daily lives on Instagram for the world to see.

1. Low Bridge

2. You May Think This Looks Like A Painting But It’s Real

3. The Locals Seem Friendly

4. What A View To Wake Up To

5. Just The Neighbor Popping Over For An Early Morning Coffee

6. Guitars Are A Must For Camping

7. Looks Like Heaven

8. Dogs Love Camping Too

9. Grand View Of The Grand Canyon

10. After 65 Years These VWs Are Still Popular

11. Bungee Hammock For Launching Base Jumpers

12. Great Place To Watch The Sun Set

13. Cruising Through Val di Funes In Northern Italy

14. Even Raiden From Mortal Kombat Likes Camping

15. The Sky Appears So Much Brighter In The Countryside

16. Silence Is Golden

17. Where We are Going We Don’t Need Roads

18. Could This Be The Tunnel Of Love?

19. Camp Fires Are So Romantic

20. Beauty About Camping Is Finding Places Like This