20 Pictures Of Funny Animals To Give You A Good Laugh Today

Explore our picture gallery that features twenty funny animals and we guarantee it will put a smile on your face. If not we’ll give you your money back.

If someone says they don’t like animals then usually they can’t be trusted. After all how can a normal person not love these funny little critters.

1. Please Carry Me, I`m Tired.

I have enough trouble with my kids complaining they are tired after two minutes of walking. Now the bloody dog is at it too.

2. What Could Be So Terrifying?

Maybe it`s the fact that Trump is president!

3.The Face Of Motherhood

Why go around when you can go over.

4. Some Thing Here Smells A Little Fishy

Maybe it’s you smelly cat!

5. If You Wont Make Room For Me I’ll Land On Your Head

I believe you have a feather in your cap my friend.

6. It’s Bloody Cold Out Here

Do you think this kitty is enjoying playing in the snow?

7. Can You Find The Odd One Out?

Because they certainly can’t.

8. There Were Three In The Bed And The Little One Said….

Roll over…..

9. I Wonder If Anybody Notices I Have A Face Like A Baboons Butt

Must stay clear from horny baboons!!!

10. Look Into My Eyes!!

You are feeling sleepy!!

11. Don’t Worry Mate, Plenty of Other Fish In The Sea

12. Chin Up Lads!

Sun is coming out.

13. Strike The Pose!

There’s nothing to it.

14. Check Out My Deadly Ninja Strike

I am a force to be reckoned with.

15. Nobody Will Find Me Here

Apart from the guy taking the photo.

16. Hey, I Can See My Nose!

Now how the hell do I put my eyes back to normal?

17. Whose Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

You are little piggy.

18. I Told You, I’m Not Your Mommy.

Dead dog in 3,2,1……

19. Come Here, I Want To Tell You A Secret

20. Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Looking at these pictures I can only think of one thing, how much I love animals.

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