3M: Announces 5000 New Jobs!

Are you looking for a quality job, where you can have the right to expand your areas of knowledge, learn new sectors and still gain a lot of professional experience? Well, I believe your place is at 3M.

3M is a company that works in the business technology sector, that is, it operates in the production of products in the areas of industry, transport, security, communication, health, among several other means related to business.

The company intends to create projects that are innovative and well used by industries around the world, being articles that will be well regarded and considered as great innovations, in order to benefit humanity.

So, are you interested in the area of ​​innovation and expansion of ideas? So, believe that your place is at 3M, and to know how to be a part of this group, just keep reading the article.

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3M vacancies

  • General Assistant
  • Cleaning assistant
  • Business Analyst
  • Production assistant
  • Packer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Helping Innovations

Description of 3M vacancies

  1. General Assistant

Helps in all sectors of the company, assisting in the functions of other employees and brand guidelines.

2. Cleaning assistant

It cleans the gas station’s sectors, making it always clean, comfortable and safe for all employees to do their jobs.

3. Business Analyst

The Business Analyst is responsible for organizing the delivery of products to carriers, in addition to issuing invoices.

4. Production assistant

The Production Assistant is responsible for the production of the company’s services, being an assistant for all demands.

5. Packer

Its function is to package the finished products, so that they are ready for sale and transport.

6. Quality Analyst

Analyzes whether the products made by the company are in accordance with the requirements and quality of the brand.

7. Helping Innovations

The Innovation Assistant works together with the Operational sector to help suggest new ideas and concepts for the company.

Vacancy Requirements:

  • Complete high school
  • Time availability
  • Good communication
  • Good customer service
  • Over 19 years old
  • Agility
  • Be proactive
  • Be dynamic
  • Desire to learn

3M Objectives

3M, operating as a company of excellence, is always focused on keeping its work following what it believes and has its employees believe, since it maintains a concept of diversity, inclusion, respect and safety.

However, how to understand these 3M concepts, these points are highlighted, as the company believes that all people should have the opportunity to join the work, in addition to placing respect among employees as the main point, as the brand does not matter what it is. religion, color or race, but professionalism and commitment to work.

Thus, the company has as its main objectives, the recognition of the brand not only for its products, but also for the performance and respect of its team, and for all the dedication and care with the disclosed and created demands.

3M Benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

Selective process

The 3M Selection Process takes place online, so, to enroll, simply go to 3.jobs.com and fill in your registration form.

In this way, you will be sending your profile to the company, and after analysis, your approval will be decided, information which arrives via registered email.

Finally, if approved, just wait for your face-to-face interview to be scheduled.

Good luck!

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