5 Amazing Attitudes Taken by Celebrities

Some celebrities are people like any of us: sometimes they are funny and daring, and sometimes they are sad and somewhat weird.

They are able to spend millions on gifts, dancing with penguins or even dropping everything to live in the simplest of ways. These actions raise the question: what if everyone could do what they want, not what they should?

The Fun media News website reveals below some unpredictable attitudes of famous people who live without taking into account the opinion of others.

1- Barbra Streisand cloned her dead dog.

Image Source – Pinterest

Barbra Streisand cloned Sammy, her late dog who lived with her for 14 years and was treated “like a son.” Today, the actress has three pets: 2 Sammy clones – Scarlett and Violet -, and another little girl named Miss Fanny.

The animals are physically similar, but Barbra says that each of them has very different personalities. To have a cloned puppy, you must have a bitch to play the role of a surrogate. The service costs between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000.

2- Rapper Drake gave some people $ 1 million in cash.

Image Source – NME

During the recording of the music video “God’s Plan” in Miami, Canadian rapper Drake gave almost 1 million dollars to some people passing by. The singer bought products, gave toys to children, carts to teenagers and made a donation to the school and local fire protection service. The rest of the money went to needy families.

The artist himself often states that this clip is the most important of his career.

3- President of 20th Century Fox, Scott Neeson sold all his goods and moved to Cambodia to help children.

Image Source – Upsocl

Scott Neeson was the president of the 20th Century Fox film studio and one of Hollywood’s richest and most influential people. But a trip to Cambodia changed his life. He met the municipal orphanage where homeless children live, who collected garbage so they would not starve.

After this, he decided to dedicate his life to improving the situation: Neeson created a fund that guarantees children education, home and medical treatment. Today, Neeson has been living in Cambodia for 10 years and has no regrets about giving up his former luxurious life.

4- Actor David Harbor, the sheriff of “Stranger Things,” danced with penguins in Antarctica.

Image Source – EW

Actor David Harbor, who played the role of Sheriff Hopper in the “Stranger Things” series, used Twitter to ask the Greenpeace organization how many retuitors would be needed to go to Antarctica to dance with penguins.

They replied that 200,000 would be enough. The next day Harbor asked his followers to help him: “Listen, Internet … I’m used to always giving. But now I need you. I need 200,000 retuites to dance with penguins. Please retry this message. ” Harbor got the required number in just 5 hours, and in total its post was retooled more than 385 thousand times.

By the end of February, the sheriff’s dream had come true. The video can be seen here.

5- Millionaire hides a treasure that anyone can try to find.

Image Source – Youtube

A former art dealer and collector, Forrest Fenn, an 87-year-old millionaire, has placed a treasure trove of antiques, jewelry and gold bars worth several million dollars in an old vault. The safe was tucked away in the rocky mountains of Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA).

He announced that anyone capable of deciphering the clues can find the treasure. And these clues are in an autobiographical book and in a poem written by Fenn himself. Thousands of people have been trying to decipher the secret, but so far no one has found the answer. Speaking of which, 4 people died in search of the hidden fortune. The millionaire has already stated that he would return to get the treasure when the value of the objects that integrate it reached 10 million dollars.

Well, maybe he’ll take the mystery to the graveyard.

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