5 Crazy Insurance Plans That You Never Knew Existed

Discover some of the most craziest insurance plans that you had no idea existed, it seems like anything is possible nowadays.

Most people take out insurance out on their car, house and health. Some celebrities and sports people tend to take out insurance policies on their bodies as it is their livelihood. But there are a select few people in world who wish to take out insurance plans on ridiculous things and what`s more ridiculous is the fact that some insurance companies allow it.

Here`s a list of some of the strangest things people take out insurance on.

1. Twins Insurance.

If you are expecting an addition to your family you may be interested in twin insurance. It insures you against additional costs with having more than one child but you have to act fast as most insurers demand the insurance be in place before you reach 12 weeks or have a scan.

2. Alien Abduction Insurance.

If you ever worry about being abducted by aliens then this policy is for you. Insurance companies will pay out if you can prove you have been abducted by extraterrestrials and returned to earth. Some companies even go as far as covering for impregnation by aliens.

3. Spooksafe Insurance.

This insurance covers people for receiving trauma by the hands of ghosts. The policy also covers you for up to £1 million if you can prove you have been transformed into a vampire or werewolf.

4. Ransom Insurance.

Portrait of Smiling Family on Steps

In some countries kidnapping is a common crime and to prepare for such a situation some people take out ransom insurance. This protects their family from the effects of kidnapping by covering the ransom being demanded and also the delivery cost.

5. Conceiving Immaculately Insurance.

Several years ago, three religious sisters from Scotland insured themselves against “conceiving immaculately”. A British Insurance company provided them with £1 million worth of cover, should one of them turn out to be carrying the second coming. There was harsh criticism of a policy that was designed to cover the cost of bringing up a second Jesus. The Catholic Church was less than impressed and the insurance policy was withdrawn.

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