6 Best Travel Destinations You Must Visit On Each Continent

Discover the best travel destinations on each continent decided by some of the world`s top travelers, biggest influences and best travel bloggers.

These professional travelers were asked to consider and give their opinion on which are the best travel destinations on each of the continents that they recommend visiting.

So take a look and see if you have been to any of these amazing cities around the world, if not you should consider visiting them.

Best Travel Destinations You Must Visit On Each Continent

Serbia (Europe’s no.1)

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Serbia has a mixture of history that goes from olden traditional towns to the most modern and fashionable cities around the world. It has beautiful landscapes along the impressive river Danube where you are able to see the mountains and different parts of the cities full of art such as in Belgrade or the floating nightclubs on the river.

For now, the good thing is that it’s a secret destination not many people know about, but soon will become a legend!

Valladolid, Mexico. (North America’s no.1)

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Although Valladolid is not that known in general, this city hides one of the most enchantments in Mexico. It’s situated in the center of the Yucatan peninsula, and you’ll be surprised about the gastronomy all around the city as you can buy delicious local food almost everywhere as you’re walking through the streets of Valladolid.

If you’re planning to come to Mexico you can’t miss this ancient city full of culture and history and surrounded by all the hidden traditional treasures that Valladolid can offer on your exciting trip!

Orange, Australia, (Australia’s no.1)

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There is much more in Australia than just Sidney and Perth, so if you’re planning to visit this amazing country then you need to visit Orange, one the hidden places near Sidney you will be glad to add to your list!

It’s a region of Australia where you can enjoy plenty of good food and beverages, farms around the countryside or even enjoy the well known Australia’s water sports at Carcoar Dam.

If you visit the region of Orange you’ll be surprised of how amazing this place can be which could improve your traveling expectations!

Malawi, (Africa’s no.1)

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Malawi is considered one of the top places to visit for its beautiful African landscapes where you can go on an adventure anytime of the year.

Its Wildlife Reserve is one of the most amazing places you could ever dream of visiting. Explore the river Malawi, considered one of the most astonishing rivers to practice snorkel because of its clear waters! If you’re planning a trip to Africa, you should definitely add Malawi to your “must see” list!

Lima, Peru (South America’s no.1)

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This city is full of enchantment and is considered one of the best places to visit in South America. It has an amazing gastronomy including its astonishing restaurants with traditional food and the streets vendors will deliver you the best local food that you could taste in Peru.

Lima has beautiful landscapes and amazing cliffs for enjoying the best views and impress your friends with the best pictures and selfies ever!

You can visit Lima almost at anytime throughout the year thanks to its perfect climate and so you get to experience this magnificent place with plenty of sunshine!

Sri Lanka, (Asia’s no.1)

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Sri Lanka is considered the top place to visit for travelers because it has everything you need: beautiful island full of history and culture to explore, wildlife and amazing landscapes and beaches. Sri Lanka is becoming the top destination and although it’s not a secret within the travellers community it is definitely a must in your list, so don’t doubt it and visit Sri Lanka as soon as you have a space in your busy diary!

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