6 European Cities From Medieval Times That Are Well Preserved Today

It is so impressive that entire cities from hundreds of years ago have survived to the present day and we very fortunate that we have the opertunity to visit these wonderful places that are full of history.

Find out below some of these cities that can be visited today and that are true living museums.

1 – Carcassonne, France

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The huge walls of the fortress of Carcassonne are about 3 kilometers long and features 52 towers which were built at strategic points to defend the city from attacks which were quite often during the medieval times.

In later years Napoleon Bonaparte demilitarized the country and the fortress was left to deteriate. By 1849 the fortress was looking in a teriable state so the French government decided to demolish it, but the population was against the idea and the site was then restored. In 1997 it was declared a UNESCO heritage site.

2 – Monsanto, Portugal

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The picturesque village of Monsanto is a stunning city-shaped museum, preserved on the mountainside. Monsanto stands out for the abundance of giant stones that are strewed upon it´s landscape, which are incorporated into the structures of its buildings. This makes some of the old houses look like they are trapped among the huge stones.

3 – Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is a hot spot for tourists and that is due to the fact that many of the city´s medieval buildings are still standing today.

Visitors to the city are able to take a step back in time which many find romantic. It is possible to tour this wonderful city via car, bus, boat, bicycle or simply a walking tour and which ever you choose you will not be disapointed.

4 – Toledo, Spain

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In this historical city there are winding cobbled streets and an extensive list of historical monuments to visit, in addition to other cultural and natural riches.

5 – Bruges, Belgium

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Also known as “Venice of the North”, Bruges is considered one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Thanks to its intact medieval architecture and its Gothic urban landscape, in 2000 the historic city center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And after a period of revitalization during the second half of the 19th century, it became an important European tourist destination.

6 – Citta di San Marino, Italy

Image Source – Iberia

Citta di San Marino is majestically located at the top of Monte Titano, which is the highest point in the country. The city still exists today, remarkably preserved and relatively untouched in its medieval state. Partly for that reason, the Historic Center of San Marino on Monte Titano is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article, these are just a few of the many amazing to places to visit in Europe but there are lots more to see too. I personally love exploring some of the smaller villages and finding hidden gems that have not been publicized yet.

But wherever you choose to go it is a great experience.

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