6 Strange Places That Look Like They Are From Another Planet

Discover some of the craziest places on Earth that look like they originate from another planet.

1. Baobab forest, Madagascar

Madagascar is an island in the Indian ocean off the east coast of Africa. It has been separated from the main continent for many millions of years.

It has some of the most diverse indigenous species of flora and fauna to be found anywhere in the world. Giant Baobab trees grow here which are like nothing else you can find on Earth.

2. Lake Mono, Mammoth mountains, California

Lake Mono is a truly strange place and can be found in the high Mammoth mountains in California.

The colors of the lake and the strange colored sunsets make this place look like it could only be from another planet. One warning though, if you visit the lake you will find thousands of dead birds all around the edges of the lake.

The birds mistake the lake to be fresh water but it is actually very poisonous. The lake is made up of a caustic mix of chemicals which burns the skin and causes instant death for birds and any other wildlife that mistakenly wonders close by.

3. Niaca Mine, Mexico

Take a close look at this picture and you will see why these crystals are spectacular. Each crystal is the size of a tree and have been formed deep underground over millions of years.

There is nowhere else on earth where you can find so many gigantic crystals the likes of which make them look like something from another world.

4. Fly Geyser, Nevada, United States

This incredible geyser is known as the Fly Ranch Geyser and is located on a private ranch in Nevada which is currently owned by the Burning Man annual event. The vibrant colors of the geyser along with the enormous pressure from the water spouts and the surrounding landscape make this place look like its not from Earth.

The colorful calcium carbonate deposits are recorded to be growing several inches each year.

5. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest natural hot spring in the united states. It is located in Yellowstone national park and worth a visit to see this stunning natural spring. The water that boils up in the center of the pool is so hot that it is actually sterile, this is what produces the shockingly clear and bold blue color.

The pool is deeper than a 10 story building with extremely hot water seeping from a crack in the Earth to reach the surface of the spring.

6. Dallol, Ethiopia, Africa.

This place known as Dallol was caused by a huge volcanic explosion many thousands of years ago. It is situated in Danakil Depression, northeast of the Erta Ale Range in Ethiopia, Africa. The annual average high temperature here is around 105 ˚F, but that can shoot up to 116 ˚F during June making Dallol the hottest place on Earth.

These high temperatures and unique geological conditions contribute to Dallol’s seemingly Martian landscape.

Have you ever visited any of these incredible places?