7 Amazing Animal Stories Of Pets That Help Their Owners

Seven amazing animal stories of loving pets that helped change the lives of their owners for the better.

Ah, the animals … We are crazy to talk about these beings we love so much.

There are even people who don’t like it, but you can’t deny their influence on humans. Be it for the companionship, the affection, the friendship that each one cultivates with its animal, or even for their intelligence. Anyone who has contact with any animal knows how much this can represent.

More than companionship and friendship, some animals stand out for their dedication to their owners and their service to society. And the moving list that we will show below contains seven examples of animals that have crossed the boundaries of love and loyalty.

So lets kick off our amazing animal stories with Endal the Labrador.

Check it out and try not to get emotional!

1. Endal, the savior Labrador – Amazing Animal Stories

Allen Parton’s life changed completely when he met the yellow labrador Endal. Parton was a Gulf War veteran who suffered from head injury sequelae. He didn’t speak, was depressed, and lived in a wheelchair. When he met the dog, the tune was instantaneous and surpassed the simple relationship between humans and animals. Endal helped the veteran with various daily tasks and was instrumental in the mental recovery of his trauma, so much so that he even spoke again.

Endal, who had failed a service dog test because of his natural stubbornness, showed he could be great at his duties in a situation that occurred in 2001. At the time, Parton was thrown out of his chair after being hit by a passing car. The dog then put him in a recovery position, covered him with a blanket, took the phone from under the car and ran to a nearby hotel for help.

2. Jasmine, the friendly nurse – Amazing Animal Stories

The greyhound dog Jasmine was almost discredited when she was found by a group of police officers in a shed in 2003. Dirty and malnourished she was taken to an animal shelter in the UK and surprised everyone, not only for her recovery, but also by the affection and care that showed for other animals present in the sanctuary. Helping her care as a nursing assistant, she became practically a mother to several puppies and cats, as well as foxes, guinea pigs, and even a goose, among other animals recovering there.

3. Kasey, the faithful companion – Amazing Animal Stories

Kasey is a little monkey who renewed the life of young Ned Rogers when there seemed no salvation. The 22-year-old had an accident that left him quadriplegic and severely brain damaged. The recovery was not good and the doctors had no hope of improvement when Kasey appeared and became his best friend, faithful and confident. She helped him at various times, recovering with movement and making him smile again.

4. Panda the guide pony – – Amazing Animal Stories

The Panda pony (the image explains the name, right?) Draws attention for performing a unusual function for her species: the guide for the blind. She helps Ann Edie, a blind lady, that had a number of problems with distracting guide dogs to run after squirrels or cats. Soon, with clever traits, excellent eyesight, calm manner, and animal instinct, Panda made Ann regain confidence in a service animal.

5. Fig the hero – – Amazing Animal Stories

The role of a guide dog for the blind is usually to guide its owner to move, to be aware of the dangers and to overcome all obstacles that may be encountered in a city. Fig, however, is a golden retriever who did a little more for its owner, Audrey Stone. They were hit by a school bus, and Audrey could only survive because the dog threw herself in front of her before the bus hit them. Still, the woman had three fractures and a cut to the head, but was not at risk of death. But the animal, even with its injured paws, did not leave Stone’s side until she was seen in a hospital.

6. Sadie, a clever Parrot – Amazing Animal Stories

Sadie knows what she says and what she does. No wonder she was instrumental in improving the behavior of Jim Eggers, a man suffering from bipolar disorder, aggressive attitudes and homicidal feelings. He calmed down with the presence of the bird in his life, as Sadie learned to utter some lines that make him regain consciousness in moments of tension. “Calm down, Jim. It’s all right. You are OK. I’m here, Jim”, says the little bird, realizing that its owner may be losing control. She memorized the sentences after hearing them from Eggers himself during a crisis. After that, Jim had only one episode of trouble: just when he’d left Sadie at home.

7. Luca, a great listener – Amazing Animal Stories

If I told you that Luca is deaf, and that is precisely what makes him an excellent listener, would you believe it? Amazingly, this is true, and Luca is a captivating puppy. He has developed the ability to pay attention to his owners and everyone who tries to communicate with him. Soon he understands signs and corresponds to what is requested. Pitbull inspired owners Brooke Slater and Dave Goldstein to start a people awareness group to rethink how to view dogs of this breed.

We hope you enjoyed reading these amazing animal stories, aren`t these pets the greatest?

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